January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Charlie the beagle~ & Lobster Roll

Today was a big day!
My first born pup, Charlie turned six! Sniff, sniff They grow up so fast! I remember when we went to pick him up- he was a 7 week old little thing-he fit in my hand and kissed me and wimpered all night......and now he still think's he's that tiny (even though he's a hefty 45 pounds)  and still tries to crawl all over us and of course he's a howling machine!  But you've gotta love him!
Charlie wearing his Top Dog Bday Ribbon proudly!

Little brother, Dylan looking cute and innocent as usual!

We have a birthday tradition for Charlie...he gets lobster! I know- he's a spoiled dog! But come on- we don't have children yet so let me spoil my pups! So this year I made lobster rolls...

The dogs patiently waiting for their lobsters!

I steamed the Maine Lobsters and then buttered and grilled hot dog buns.

Charlie checking out the freshly steamed lobster.

Our yummy lobster rolls- roughly chop up the lobster meat, mix with mayo, lemon juice, paprika, and chives and spread in a hot bun!

Charlie's plain lobster roll- he doesn't care about all the fancy stuff. He just wants lobster!

Smart dog- he ate all the lobster off the roll then when he was sure there wasn't a speck of lobster left he ate the roll.

I always save the shells for homemade lobster stock! Yum!
                                                                                       Happy Cooking,

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