January 27, 2011

My Annie Chun Asian Dinner Party is just days away...

I'm so excited about my dinner party this Saturday! Not only do I have 20+ friends invited but my Mom and Grandma are driving down from the Panhandle to help me cook and entertain! Nothing better than good food & family and friends!
Check out my video I made with my Grandma:

I was one of the winners in the Annie Chun (www.anniechun.com) Dinner Party Contest and they sent me a box of goodies to help with my party! Sauces, Noodles, Rice, Chopsticks, Coupons...oh my! I decided to host a buffet style party featuring foods from four Asian countries: Japan, China, Korea, and Thailand.

My best friend and crafting superstar, Connie made my invites below. Check out her blog: www.thecraftysoprano.blogspot.com

More pics to come when we're done partying down!
Happy Cooking!
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