March 9, 2011

Gourmoo Cookoff Episode #4: Desserts! Ooey Gooey Pecan Cobbler

The Sweetest Cookoff Yet!

It's time for the last cookoff challenge before the finale!
Battle Desserts!
Watch me, Laurie, Morena, and Robert whip up desserts featuring lactose-free milk. But do they taste as good as they look? Find out who “takes the cake” and who will go on to the finale.
Let me know what you think by commenting below!

Ooey Gooey Pecan Cobbler


1 ¼ cup chopped pecans
½ tsp vanilla
2 eggs, beaten
1 tbsp flour
½ cup sugar
¾ cup brown sugar
2 ounces butter, melted
½ cup Lactaid Chocolate milk
1 cup plus 2 tablespoons shredded coconut
2 tbsps bourbon
3 scoops vanilla Lactaid ice cream (or substitute regular ice cream)
Non stick baking spray


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 
  2. Mix all ingredients except ¼ cup pecans, ¼ cup brown sugar, 2 tablespoons coconut and ice cream in a bowl. 
  3. Pour into greased ramekins. 
  4. Bake in oven for 35-40 minutes. 
  5. Heat a sauté pan over medium and toast remaining coconut. Set aside. 
  6. In another sauté pan melt butter and stir in ¼ cup pecans and ¼ cup brown sugar. Stir until bubbly and melted. Drain butter and reserve sugared pecans. 
  7. Remove cobblers from oven and top with sugared pecans. 
  8. Return to oven and bake for 5 more minutes. 
  9. Remove from oven and let cool for a few minutes. 
  10. Serve with ice cream on top and top with toasted coconut. 

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1 comment:

  1. Would of loved to have been a judge for this, those desserts looked amazing, how they can pick just one winner when all looks so good, that has got to be hard.


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