March 21, 2011

Gourmoo Cookoff Giftcard Giveaway!

That's right friends the final episode of the Gourmoo Cookoff is finally here and to celebrate the wonderful folks at Moovision have given me a $25 Amazon giftcard and 3 FREE Lactaid Coupons ($40 total value) to giveaway to a lucky reader!

It's down to Morena vs Laurie in this
exciting lactose free cooking challenge.
Laurie baked Butternut Squash Babycakes with Pear Eggnog Caramel and Morena cooked up Poached Salmon Souffles with a Warm Dill Potato Salad. Watch the video below to find out who was the cookoff winner!
What would you have made for the Wild Card Challenge?
1. Follow this blog and post a comment below with your lactose free dish idea along with your email address to be entered into this exciting giveaway! 
Want extra entries?
2. Post a link to this giveaway on Facebook and leave a comment telling me you did.
3.  Follow ChefNicoleEpp and Moovision on Twitter
and tweet the following: "Enter to win the @ & @ChefNicoleEpp Amazon giftcard giveaway at For the Love of Food !" and leave me a comment telling me you did.

The Gourmoo Giftcard Giveaway ends March 26th at 12AM EST.
The lucky winner will be chosen by
and emailed to claim their awesome prize!

What would I have made?
I would have made my Lobster Thermidor. Meaty Maine Lobster mixed with mushrooms and creamy Lactaid milk is a seafood lovers dream dish!
Happy Cooking!
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  1. I would have made grilled baby scallops with angel hair pasta, sundried tomatoes, and maybe a lactaid bechamel sauce (maybe). To be honest I have never cooked with that product before so It would be a challenge. Thanks for the chance to win. My email is

  2. I would have made sausage gravy and biscuits using soy milk (don't know if that counts, but that is what I always cook with)

  3. I would make a delicious fresh strawberry milk shake using the soymilk!

  4. I shared your link on Facebook! Merry Contest Cooking wall.

  5. I was following you already! I now am following Moovision. I tweeted your message! Enter to win the @Moovision & @ChefNicoleEpp Amazon giftcard giveaway at For the Love of Food !

  6. Hi!! I am a follower and I am actually Lactose I've been very familiar with this product and cooking with it. I would say I would have cooked some delicious homemade ice cream with a warm chocolate sauce.

  7. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  8. I am following Moovision on Twitter and I am following you when you approve. :))

  9. Id make mac and cheese with hot dogs

    for my beautiful wifey

  10. I would have made mini caramel apple cheesecakes. BTW....I loved watching the video! I am an online cooking friend of Laurie Lufkin, but I was very happy that Morena won. What a sweet girl she seems to be. And it is so wonderful that she will go to Thailand to see her dad!
    I enjoyed reading your other blog recipes and I am posting a link to your contest on Facebook!

  11. Hey friend! I made cake and we all know how that turned out ;-). I am thrilled that Morena won and is going to get to see her Dad. That must be terrible. I get to see mine every day.

    XXOO Laurie

  12. And I just posted on FB for you.....

  13. I would make a variety of milkshakes (flavors) with lactaid. When the weather gets warmer I may try ice cream (mango-macadamia nut) using the product.


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