March 1, 2011

The Heart of the Matter Women's Luncheon in Lakewood Ranch, FL

~Heart to Heart Women's Luncheon~

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to attend an educational women's luncheon at the Polo Grill Ballroom in Lakewood Ranch. The event was sponsored by the Lakewood Ranch Medical Center and brought together hundreds of local women for a delicious and healthy lunch, informative screenings and business booths, and most importantly 7 local doctors and community leaders who each discussed women's health, covering such topics as managing stress and weight, preventative health care, nutrition, ovarian/cervical cancer, and cardiovascular disease prevention in women.

Local chef, Tommy Klauber from Polo Grill was on hand to demonstrate an easy Chicken Paillard with Tomato and Spinach Salad dish that was then served for a light and satisfying lunch.

Three different appetizers were served:
Spicy Tuna Roll with Cucumber,Chunky Gazpacho,
 and Whole Grain Crostini with Eggplant and Capers (recipe below)

Gift bags were given to everyone filled with recipes, samples, coupons,
even a heart cookie and a mini bottle of champagne!

 Chef Tommy Klauber

                              Dr. Lora Brown discusses controlling pain and managing stress.

Stress can cause pain.
There is a mind and body connection.
If you're stressed it can cause high blood pressure,
headaches, and nausea among other problems.

Her stress relief tip: BREATHE
Smell the flowers (breathe in through your nose)
and blow out the candles (breathe of through your mouth).
strengthen your core with yoga and pilates.

You need to embrace, control, and focus to beat stress!

    Nancy Dowe, from SpaRenity and her mother Virginia.

 Dr. Pareena Bilkoo explains Cardiovascular disease in women.

 Did you know that 68% of Americans are overweight and 34% are obese?
Did you know that 1 out of 3 women will have heart disease in their lifetime?
Did you know that in 2010, 4 million women in the U.S. had a stroke?

Those are scary but true facts, ladies.

The best way to stay healthy is
get your regular doctor check ups
and practice exercise and weight management and stress reduction.

My favorite dish of the day-
(recipe courtesy of Lakewood Ranch Medical Center)
Whole Grain Crostini with Eggplant and Capers

1 medium eggplant, peeled and cut lengthwise into slices
4 tbsp e.v. olive oil for eggplant
4 tbsp e.v. olive oil for crostini mix
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 avocado, diced
2 plum tomatoes, seeded and finelt diced
2 tbsp capers
2 tbsp freshly chopped oregano leaves
2 tbsp freshly chopped thyme leaves
1 lemon, juiced
toasted crostini

Preheat grill pan or skillet to med-high heat.
Brush eggplant with 4 tbsp olive oil abd season with salt and pepper.
Place in pan and cook for 2 minutes on each side or until tender. Remove from the grill and dice.
Add the eggplant to a bowl, stir in remaining ingredients, including 4 tbsp olive oil and toss to combine. Serve with toasted crostini.

Erin, Nancy, Chef Tommy, and myself.
 Our heart healthy lunch- Chicken Paillard with King Farms Herb,
 Tomato and Wilted Spinach Salad.
 Fresh fruit and sorbet for dessert!

Happy Cooking!
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