May 13, 2011

Surprise! Farewell SpaRenity Beach Bash!

   The time has come for me to move on to the next chapter in my life and leave my wonderful spa "family" and job as SpaRenity's manager. The last 4 years (wow time flew!) have been fun and truly life changing. I've made some life long friends and SpaRenity's owners, Nancy and Doug Dowe, have been like my surrogate parents (or older sister and brother?) here in Sarasota! The lessons and information I've learned about marketing, skin care, makeup, and running a business are more than I could ever learn in school. I am so grateful for the God "wink" (check out "When GOD Winks: How the Power of Coincidence Guides Your Life" by Squire Russell ) that made me pull over in the rain that one day in July 2007 and stop by SpaRenity to see if they were hiring. Little did I know they had a position open for an office manager the day before! And that's how it all began.... 

My last day was Monday, May 9th and I felt a whirlwind of emotions! I was excited, nervous, and sad all at once! I love you my SpaRenity friends and family! Thank you for being a huge part of my life. Remember you are welcome to visit me anytime in San Antonio!  
Good luck to Johanna, the new office manager.

Check out the photos below from my
Surprise Farewell Beach Bash hosted by Nancy and Doug!

 Leis and cake! Let the party begin!
We LOVE cake!
Festive decorations
Jerry and Erin.
Mr Crab decided to join the party!
Carol with her watergun! Watch out!
Susan's loaded and ready to shoot!
Barbara and Nancy relaxing.
Nothing better than sand in my toes!
I love the beach!
Jet ski time!
We HAVE to get our own jet skis! What a blast!
Off we go....apparently I was going really slow and didn't realize it!
 I felt like I was flying! 
Here comes Ellen and little Oliver!
The food! Rick brought his delicious smoked BBQ!

Check out his rig!
Oliver loved the BBQ!
Look at him go!

Whoops! It's ok he thought it was funny!

My friend Carol decorated my gift box~

She gave me this beautiful sign painted by her and a stylish apron!
Perfect for my red kitchen!
Thank you Carol!

Lots of goodies from Nancy!
Doug made a heartfelt speech that meant so much to me!
Thanks Doug~
Sweet cards from my sweet friends!
Carol, Susan, and Phil.
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Happy Cooking!

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