August 1, 2012

Ashton Brings My Smile Back!

Well friends, as I said in my last post, A LOT has changed in the last year! After a rough patch, where I was feeling pretty down, I unexpectedly met the man of my dreams in the fall! Ashton truly came along right when I needed him and we had a great friendship first. It was nice to get to know eachother without the dating pressure. Then for Thanksgiving week Ashton joined my family and I at a condo out on the beach in beautiful Destin. We literally spent the whole week together non stop and DID NOT GET SICK OF EACHOTHER! Say what?! I know, that was a sign if I ever saw one! He bonded with my family (especially my Grandma who "loves his dimples"), went shopping with me, cooked Thanksgiving dinner alongside me, and every night we stayed up late watching bad tv and talking until the sun came up (literally!). So needless to say, that was the start (as they say) of a beautiful relationship! Check out my pics below from Thanksgiving week in Destin and stay tuned for my "Catching Up" posts this week for more from my busy past 6 months!

Our view from the condo of beautiful Destin, FL!

Mom, Gma, me, and Uncle Mike cooking up a storm Thanksgiving Day!

Ashton helping me out in the kitchen. I love a man that can cook (and eat)!
Ashton and Gma chatting on the balcony.

Sushi appetizers courtesy of Grandma!

My amazing Dad!                                             Aunt Candie and Gma

Thanksgiving Dinner!

My parents, Ashton, and my uncle Bill and his girlfriend

Celebrating Dad's Bday at my favorite restaurant,  McGuires Irish Pub

All the girls out at Baytowne Wharf

Mom and Dad

Ashton and Nicole. The start of something amazing!

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