February 3, 2015

10 Minute Toddler Valentine's Day Crafts

Holidays have always been fun for me and now that I have a little one of my own I have even more of a reason to celebrate! Ava and I love to craft and dress up for holidays and
one of our favorites is Valentine's Day. I came up with 6 fun and fast toddler crafts for Ava and I to do together this year and we had a blast! I can't wait to hang up our creations and give a few to our family too!
My little Valentine Ava!

Hope you enjoy these projects and remember not everything turns out perfect and "Pinterest-worthy" when crafting with a toddler {we had our fair share of tantrums and messes} but as long as you both have fun- who cares?!

Project #1: Fruit Rollup Fortune Cookies

Ava loved helping cut out {and eat} these fun Valentine's.
I used solid color (non printed) Fruit Roll-ups {or similar brand}.
Ava and her Daddy sampled a Fruit Roll-up before we began, 
you know to make sure it tasted good!
I cut out circles in the Fruit Roll-ups. 
You choose the size but I recommend nothing smaller
than 2 per Roll-up {I used a mason jar lid}.
Print out sweet sayings on small slips of paper.
Place the paper in the center of the circles and fold in half 
then with your thumb in the center pinch to form a fortune cookie shape.
For complete directions see the original post here.

Project #2: Tissue Paper Art "I Love You To Pieces"

Ava had the most fun with this project 
mainly because she loved ripping the paper and using the glue stick!
The end result was pretty darn cute and we made a few to give to family members.
 I collected about 5 different colors/prints of tissue paper sheets. Then I let me kiddo so crazy and rip them up! She had a blast!
We made a little mess but it was an easy clean up
 and worth it to see her get so excited!
I  wrote on a piece of cardstock and let my little one use the glue stick and add small pieces of different color tissue paper to the heart in the center of the paper.

Project #3: Painting with Toliet Paper Rolls and Thumbprint Hearts

Painting with washable paints is one of Ava's favorite hobbies! 
{Shirts optional for the kiddos and wipes close by for easy clean up}
Fold an empty toliet paper roll so the end is creased in a heart shape. Let you toddler dip in paint 
{I pour a little paint of a paper plate} and stamp the heart shape on cardstock. 
Let dry and this would be a cute card!
 Thumbprint hearts are another easy paint craft. 
My little one wanted to do it on her own 
so our hearts weren't quite perfect. But still fun and cute!

Project #4: Watercolor Coffee Filter Suncatchers 

Watercolors are another kid friendly craft item we use often. This project calls for cheap white coffee filters simply cut into hearts and painted. When they dry hang them on your windows and they are pretty suncatchers!
Dollar Store watercolors and a brush and large, white coffee filters are all you need.
Cut into hearts and then let your child paint a rainbow of colors all over the filter. Let dry, letting excess paint drip off.
Hang on a window or glass door and the sun will shine through the colorful masterpiece! 
Original post with instructions is here.

Project #5: Footprint Heart Art

These turned out great and made the perfect gifts for the grandparents!
I found these foam hearts at Michael's Craft Store for $1 each.
I like using foam shapes to craft with because it is sturdy and easy to write and paint on. 
I used washable paint, poured on a plate and dipped Ava's feet in the paint, then pressed onto the heart {make sure to gently press down their toes too to get a good print}. 

Then I took a black fine tip sharpie and wrote the message: "I love you from the very bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes. Happy Valentines Day 2105." 

Project # 6 : Reusable Melted Crayons 

Ava loves to color and it seems like everywhere we go we gather more crayons so this project was perfect for her! I let Ava help me collect and break up the crayons then we filled up a flower and a heart shaped candy mold. After melting and cooling the crayons she helped me pop them out and we had cute gifts to wrap up and give her friends. 
I cut up old used crayons of Ava's and placed them in a silicone candy mold 
{you could also use a muffin pan}. Bake at about 250 for 10-15 minutes.
 Let cool completely then pop out and reuse or give as gifts {or Valentine's}.

Project #7: Duct Tape Bracelets

Ava loved wearing these bracelets and putting them on all her stuffed animals too! 
Let your toddler help punching the holes and tying the ribbon. 
Score! Cheap Valentine's printed Duct Tape and ribbon are
 available at the Dollar Tree and Michael's Craft Store.
Cut strips of tape and fold each side over lengthwise to make a smooth strip.
Punch holes on the ends and tie together with ribbon. 
See the original post with instructions here.

Ava showing off her new bracelets!

Hope you and your kiddos enjoyed these Valentine's crafts!
I would love to hear your thoughts and craft ideas. Please comment below.
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