September 19, 2015

Kid's Summertime Pirate Party

Today, in honor of National Talk Like a Pirate Day, I wanted to share a fun summertime Pirate Party I threw for my daughters. Back in my hometown of Fort Walton Beach, FL they have a pirate festival every year called Billy Bowlegs. We had hoped to travel home in June to make it to the events but alas things came up and we missed it! So I decided to throw my kiddos a Pirate Party at home complete with costumes, crafts, movies. a festive dinner, and stories.  
Check out the pictures and details with links below! 
Hope you enjoy mateys! 


Sweet Stella in her adorable pirate outfit.
Pirate Ava!
Believe it it not, I actually had the girl's outfits in their closet as dress up clothes. 
I found both at yard sales and stored away for a rainy day! 
Silly Daddy got dressed up (and got the pirate growl down too).
Mommy even rocked stripes and a pirate hat! Argggh!


Find the Buried Treasure Craft

I filled a beach pail full of sand and buried beads, plastic gold coins (all leftover from Mardi Gras), and other small trinkets. I gave Ava a shovel and had her dig for buried treasure- outside of course! 
I searched on Pinterest for "pirate coloring pages" and printed off a few for Ava to color.
I also found pirate paper puppets here.
Paper Eye Patches were an easy craft to print out and attach string. 
You can even have the kids color or add stickers. 
Stella may not have been able to do a craft or eat the meal with us but she just enjoyed dressing up and being a part of the festivities! My happy baby girl!

Pirate Dinner

Ashton grilled up some Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs for dinner
 (because everyone loves a hot dog- even pirates!)
I printed out these pirate flags and threaded them threw skewers and stuck them into the hot dogs to make Pirate Ships.
A bowl of goldfish and potato chips- Fish and Chips- was a tasty snack with our hot dogs.
Honey Butter Grilled Corn is a family favorite and was a messy but good 
side dish for our pirate meal! 
I used steins to serve Pirate Brew (apple juice of course!).
Mommy and Daddy had Sparkling Cider. Cheers!
Printable Pirate Labels for food can be found here.

Pirate Treasure Treats

I bought a pack of white Oreo sandwich cookies and a can of gold Color Mist Spray (in the baking aisle at Wal-Mart). Spray the cookies, let dry, then you have Gold Coin Cookies!
I also bought a pack of gold Hershey's Chocolate Nuggets to serve 
since they look just like Gold Bars!
We ended our fun day with A Pirate Movie on Disney 
then a bedtime story for Ava: How I Became a Pirate.

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