January 30, 2016

My M&M'S Gift Ideas and Valentine's Dessert Date at Home

I love giving unique gifts and dreaming up fun things to do with my daughter Ava. Valentine's Day is on of our favorite holidays and this year I wanted to have a Valentine's Dessert Date at Home with Ava. We would make desserts together, assemble a craft project, and get dressed up. Then we would enjoy a tasty dessert meal, just the two of us. To make our Dessert Date extra special I decided to order Ava a bag of custom My M&M's to eat and decorate her desserts with.

My M&Ms are your favorite traditional M&M candy but they are extra special because you can customize them in 25 different colors then add a personal touch with your photos, messages and a clipart library for any occasion printed right on the candy.

My M&M's are the perfect, personalized gift for your special someone this Valentine’s Day
 {or any day for that matter}!

For my very first Mother's Day in 2012, when I was still pregnant with Ava, Ashton ordered me my first My M&M's. He chose a fun candy dispenser and added photos of him and I along with "I Love You" printed on the candy. It was such a unique and fun gift that I will always remember!
This year for our anniversary I ordered a My M&M's Together Forever box with M&M's in our wedding colors with our wedding picture on them. Ashton is going to love them!
For my sweet Ava's Valentine's present for our Dessert Date at Home, I surprised her with a 1 lb bag of custom My M&M's with her and her sister printed on them! I ordered the Custom Heart DIY Kit so we could fill and decorate M&M filled Valentine's hearts and give them to friends and family.
 She was so excited to have candy with her picture on it and to have a fancy Dessert Date at Home with her Mama!

Ordering is easy and I love how the detailed website makes
 it such a a fast and simple process in just three steps.
Design it, package it, and share it!
Visit My M&M's here.
View the M&M’S Valentine’s Day Idea Gallery here.

I wanted our Valentine's Dessert Date at Home to be special, and feature Ava's My M&M's present, so I planned a couple desserts and a fun craft for us to do together. Ava and I love to bake and craft together often and I believe letting your little ones help out at home is such a special bonding time that you will treasure forever! 
For our craft we used the 8 plastic hearts that came in the Custom Heart DIY Kit 
with our My M&M's
I let Ava fill the hearts with her My M&M's then we added foam heart stickers
 and glued on Valentine's ribbon. 
Now they are all ready to give to our friends and family for Valentine's Day! 

Next, we decorated cookies. 
I used store bought Pizzelle cookies and bottled cookie icing. 
Ava drew hearts with the icing and added her My M&M's on top of the hearts.
A simple and delicious dessert in minutes!
During Ava's nap I set up and decorated a special table for our Dessert Date.
I set out a plate with the Valentine's M&M filled hearts and our decorated cookies.
I filled two cups with Raspberry Milk {skim milk with a tsp or two of raspberry flavoring syrup} and I made mini Mason Jar Strawberry Cheesecakes with Chocolate Hearts {recipe coming soon} for us to enjoy too. 
When Ava got up from her nap, she picked out pretty pink clothes and then it was time for our Valentine's Dessert Date! Look at her smile! You think she was excited?!
How cute are the mini cheesecakes? 
Ava said, "These are so good! I love them!".
Raspberry Milk to drink...
and our decorated cookies to eat!
My daughter and I enjoyed our special time today and I love the memories we created. Her custom My M&M's made the day extra special and I cannot wait to order more for her birthday! Be sure to visit the links below to order your own My M&M's for your special Valentine.

Visit My M&M's here.
View the M&M’S Valentine’s Day Idea Gallery here.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Too cute! I love the idea of putting what you want (pics, words, etc.) on M&Ms. I haven't ordered My M&Ms before, but I think I will soon for our kids, they love M&Ms! I love that you and Ava had a special Valentine's Date at home and that she helped decorate cookies, do a special craft, and then you two shared yummy desserts. So sweet!

    1. Thanks Heather! I am so glad you liked our Dessert Date and the My M&M's. It means a lot to me that you read my blog. Miss you, girl!

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