April 6, 2016

Festive Birthday Cake Milkshake

This birthday cake milkshake is the ultimate
 kid and adult friendly sweet and creamy celebration drink.
Nothing cuter than a baby in a bathtub!
I can't believe my little Stella is already one!
Photos by Lisa Anne Photography.

Happy Birthday Stella Rose!

Take a look back to when we welcomed her a year ago here.


Makes 1 16oz milkshake
  • 3 Oreo birthday cake cookies {or similar}
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 2 large scoops vanilla ice cream
  • 2 tbsp rainbow sprinkles 
  • whipped cream, for topping 


  1.  Add milk, ice cream, crumbled cookies, and 1 tbsp sprinkles to a blender.
  2. Blend until creamy and mixed well.
  3. Pour into a chilled large glass.
  4. Top with whipped cream and more sprinkles.
  5. Add a straw and enjoy!

This birthday cake milkshake is in honor of my littlest baby girl, 
Stella Rose, who turns one today.
 Start with a couple big scoops of vanilla or birthday cake ice cream.
Add to a blender.
 Add 1/2 cup milk.
 It's not a birthday without sprinkles. 
Add 1 tbsp rainbow sprinkles.
 Now add a few crumbled Birthday Cake Oreos. 
Toss them right in!
Blend it up until creamy.
Pour into a chilled glass.
Top with whipped cream. Lots of it.
Now add more sprinkles and a fun straw. Time to party!
Top with an extra Birthday Cake Oreo if you'd like
 {or if you haven't eaten them all} and enjoy!

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  1. I love those birthday cake oreos and basically anything "birthday cake" related! I'm definitely going to have to try this recipe out! Looks AMAZING!



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