September 5, 2016

Play Date Learning Shapes Fruit Kabobs

Since I have two toddlers, I am always trying to find creative ways for them the learn their colors, letters, numbers, etc. These fruit kabobs are not only healthy and delicious but they also help kids with learning their shapes and colors! I made these for a play date I hosted today and they were a hit with both the Moms and the kids!
For Labor Day today we had a play date at a local park with all my Mommy friends and their kiddos.
To make it even more fun, I had a foodie sampling event and filled a table with all my free food swag from the past year. I have collected a lot of samples, free gifts, coupons, and products from companies and conventions and who better to share it with than other Moms, right?
I placed a stack of reusable bags at the start of the table and everyone grabbed and bag and filled it with whatever swag they wanted!

The awesome folks from Harvest Snaps sent a box of their crispy peas and lentils for us to sample and give away at our event! Everyone loved these crunchy snacks and every single bag was gobbled up or taken home for later!
Learning Shapes Fruit Kabobs are perfect for serving at play dates and kid's parties! 
I am blessed to have sweet friends, and their even sweeter babies, to enjoy fun events like this with.
Thanks to everyone who joined us!


Makes 15 servings
  • 15 strawberries, stems removed and a "V" cut into top for a heart shape
  • 1 large starfruit, thinly sliced
  • 15 green or red seedless grapes
  • 1/4 melon, peeled and cut into triangles
  • 1/2 angel food cake, cut into cubes
  • wooden skewers 


  1. Wash, peel, and cut all fruit into the desired shapes. 
  2. Thread onto wooden skewers, starting and ending with cubed cake.
  3. Refrigerate until ready to serve. 
*This recipe can be adapted easily for whatever fruit is in season. You can also substitute another fruit for the cake if you'd like. If starfruit isn't available, I like to use a small star cookie cutter and cut out star shapes from watermelon. 

Wash and prep all fruit and cake. 
I made 15 skewers total and had lots of leftover fruit to use for smoothies later. 
I scored a free angel food cake at Kroger this week so I decided to use it for the skewers.
If you'd rather stick with just fruit you can substitute a thicker fruit, like watermelon, apples or mango and cut into cubes. 
I love making strawberry hearts for desserts.
They are simply to make and so cute!
Starfruit is my husband's favorite and an easy fruit to serve since it is already in the star shape naturally!
Thread onto wooden skewers, starting and ending with cubed cake.
Refrigerate until ready to serve. 
I managed to get my kiddo to take a short break from running around the park to have a snack.
Always remember for outside play dates - lots of sunscreen and stay hydrated!
The fruit kabobs were gobbled up by all the kids. Both Ava and Stella liked the star fruit the best.
Finger food is my favorite for play dates and kid's parties! Less waste and easy cleanup. 
Just remember to provide lots of napkins or wipes for those sticky hands!
Along with the fruit kabobs, I served upside down cinnamon muffins with pecan topping
 and refreshing orange punch. 

I received this product for free from Moms
Meet (, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the
manufacturer. The opinions posted are my own.
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