January 19, 2017

The Best Broccoli Recipes

Since becoming a Mom I have had to get pretty creative with my cooking at times, especially when my two little munchkins decide they detest any and all veggies. Broccoli is my favorite and the girls usually like it so I use it a lot. Sometimes I serve it as a side dish, steamed or roasted, and sometimes as the star of the meal like my Cheesy Broccoli Casserole or Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry
Today I have put together a collection of my favorite recipes showcasing Broccoli. I know you {and your little munchkins} are going to love them all! 

1. Crock-Pot Beef and Broccoli

One dish Crock-pot meals are my go to on busy weekdays and this Beef and Broccoli Crock-Pot meal is quickly becoming a family favorite, especially with my daughter. Serve over rice or noodles.

2. Broccoli Cornbread

This Broccoli Cornbread was the first of many recipes I made from "Southern Cooking for Company". Cottage cheese adds a fluffy, moist texture and loads of broccoli and Cheddar make it a tasty and filling side dish!

3. The BEST EVER Lemon Parmesan Roasted Broccoli

This incredible crunchy, garlicky, cheesy roasted side dish is so good they call it "Magic Broccoli" and I could seriously eat a whole bowl of it!

4. Broccoli Cheese Soup

Creamy, cheesy, and chock full of broccoli goodness, the base of this soup is simply Borden milk and stock with some veggies and seasoning! Easy peasy {and oh so cheesy!}.

5. Broccoli Cheese Soup Poppers 

These bite size poppers taste just like my favorite Broccoli Cheese Soup in a Bread Bowl! My daughter asks for "more,more!" and you will too!

6. Warm You Up Cheesy Broccoli Casserole

There is nothing better on a cold night than a comforting, cheesy casserole. This Broccoli Casserole is easy to prepare and make lots of leftovers! Perfect for a busy weeknight.

7. Broccoli Slaw Salad

Whether you call it broccoli salad or broccoli slaw it is a yummy, fresh summer salad that is easy to make and it will surely be a hit at your next picnic or potluck!

8. Four Cheese Broccoli Quiche

This vegetarian quiche is loaded with broccoli and four, yes four, different melty cheeses! It is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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