March 31, 2017

Beauty and the Beast Princess Tea Party

My littlest princess is turning two y'all and this Mama is sad! Where does time go?!
Stella Rose is my sweet little angel who loves singing, cuddles with Mom, her buddy Dylan the dog, and anything and everything princesses! With the new Beauty and the Beast movie coming out, I knew she would love a Beauty and the Beast themed birthday to celebrate her big day. 
My Mom was in town for two weeks this month so we decided to celebrate Stella's birthday a little early so her Oba could join the fun. Our cute local tea parlor, Hazel's, as the perfect spot for a low key lunch and tea party for Princess Stella.
Check out the details below!

Since we were eating lunch at the tea parlor I decided to keep things simple {shocker I know} and only serve cupcakes, a mini birthday cake, and princess themed cookies. 

Beauty and the Beast cupcakes

Stella picked out pink velvet cake mix and I used traditional yellow buttercream frosting.
I added sugar red roses, edible pearls, and Disney princess cupcake liners and voila! 
Bakery style for 1/3 of the price! 

Heart "2" Cake

I used half of the pink velvet cake mix and baked it in my small heart shaped baking dish.
Instead of frosting it, I dusted it with powdered sugar and added gold sprinkles on top in the shape of a "2". 

Beauty and the Beast Cookies

These cookies are a true work of art, y'all!
They were baked and decorated by Sundy at Keichel Cookies from my hometown of Fort Walton Beach, FL. This is my second time ordering from her and both times I have been blown away. 
They are not only beautiful but these butter cookies taste great and she SHIPS!
Check out her page here:
Almost too pretty to eat!
The princess is my favorite.
All the little details she adds to every cookies really make them something special.

The Princess Tea Party

Hazel's Tea Parlor is a recently remodeled cottage near downtown Leesville, LA where we live. 
We love celebrating here and the girls' always feel fancy and oh so grown up!
Last year's Christmas Cookie Exchange and this year's Valentine's Lunch were both held at Hazel's.
Check out their Facebook page here: 
It's party time!
Simple princess favors decorated each seat.
I tied together a Belle princess wand and a rose shaped sucker with gold ribbon.
Stella, always the lady, loved her new Belle doll and her rose sucker too!
Tea for me and a special princess ribbon and tiara for the birthday girl.
We were so lucky and blessed to have my mom in town to celebrate with us!
Tea parlor treats perfect for a little princess!
My kiddos love the finger sandwiches and bite size treats like cookies, scones, and truffles. 
We had a small side table to use for our party treats and it was absolutely perfect.
The gifts fit underneath and the treats on top.
I brought a garland from home in the party colors and decorated the table with that then added Belle napkins, a Belle canvas, a princess balloon and cup along with a chocolate rose. 
Big sister Ava was excited to celebrate!
 Both girls had their Beauty and the Beast outfits from Target on. 
Cupcakes, cake, and cookies are the perfect birthday treats for this princess party!
A mini cake just for Stella!
Who needs forks, right?
We had a great time and even had a few sweet friends stop by!
Lunch and treats were fun and Stella scored lots of Beauty and the Beast goodies {check out JcPenney's for great deals on movie items like dress up dresses and tea sets}.
My princess and I. I love her so.

After the party it was time for....
Beauty and the Beast at the movies! 
Of course, we dressed up too!
We loved it! The movie was phenomenal and I can't wait to see it again!
Even though it was over 2 hours both girls sat quietly and watched the entire show!
The music was mind blowing and I am ordering the soundtrack ASAP.

Where to buy:

  • Belle Napkins -Marshalls
  • Make a Wish cake banner- Hobby Lobby
  • Rose suckers and princess wands- Party City
  • Princess cups, tiaras, glasses, and balloons - Party City
  • Vintage ribbon garland- Hobby Lobby
  • Cupcake roses and edible pearls- Walmart
  • Belle princess dresses- JcPenney
  • Beauty and the Beast outfits- Target
  • Beauty and the Beast cookies- Keichel Cookies

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  1. What a special birthday party! You guys really went all out. Those cookies look so beautiful and I bet they were delicious too.

  2. This looks like a really fun party for a little girl. Things like this make me wish I had a little princess to spoil.

  3. This is such a cute party idea! I love the teacup cookies. My kids would love this.

  4. Thi sis so adorable! I love the colors and I love what you did with the cookies. It looks like you had a fabulous princess style time!

  5. What an incredible fun idea to have a tea party. Everyone is loving Beauty and Beast since the new movie came out, me too! Love the food at your party.

  6. What an adorable little party! I love those belle cookies so much they're so cute!

  7. This is so adorable - I saw it on Pinterest earlier and I couldn't keep my eyes of all the cuteness! What a fabulous afternoon to throw! x

  8. Aww this is so cute. What a lovely idea - and I love that cake. xx

  9. Super, super cute! I love the cookies and Stella Rose's expressions in the pictures.

  10. Those cookies really are works of art! I am always down for a tea party! I seriously throw them for every occasion.

  11. Ahhh what a really lovely party for your little girl! You got lots of fab themed things and those cookies are just amazing! Beauty and the beast is my fave film growing up so it was magical to watch it recently.

  12. this is such a cute party!! I am in love with those cookies and I'm sure the girls had so much fun!

  13. Looks like so much fun. My girls would love this they are really into all things beauty and the beast right now! So cool. - Jeanine

  14. This party was seriously so precious! I can't get over how incredibly gorgeous those cupcakes are!

  15. What a fun party. I bet your daughter had an amazing time. What great memories that she will have. Amber N

  16. Omg can we say cutest tea party ever?!?! My daughter loves beauty and the beast. She would flip for those cookies!!!!

  17. What a cute idea for a birthday party! Looks like she's really enjoying herself. Those cupcakes are adorable!


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