October 14, 2017

Moana Farewell Pool Party

We have finally settled into our new home in Texas and I am excited to share our fantastic Moana Farewell Pool Party with y'all. It was the perfect way to end the summer and say 'see ya later' to our friends in Louisiana. 
My two girls and I love everything Disney and their favorite princess is Moana so we decided to have a Moana themed party at our neighborhood pool. 
True to Louisiana weather, it rained lightly the day of the party but that did not stop us from celebrating with our friends! I was lucky enough to work with some of my favorite small shops on Etsy for this special party. Check out all the details and photos below along with the menu and links to order all the items. Please support these wonderful shops and always #shopsmall !

The Invite: 

I like to print my own digital invite at home and post on Facebook and hand out to friends. 
This design from Gingeyspartyplace comes with matching cupcake toppers and gift bag tags.

Customized poster made by the talented MadEllaDesigns0.
I had it printed and mounted myself. Such a wonderful memento of our time at Ft Polk!

The Menu:

Click links for recipes
Being a food blogger and major foodie, one of the first thing's 
I think of when planning a party is the menu. I was super excited about a Hawaiian/Beach themed menu for this party and had a million and one ideas! Things to remember- it needed to be both kid and adult friendly, feed a crowd, and be served outside easily. I would have liked only finger food {skipping the plastic ware} but made an exception with the pasta salad because it was so darn good!
I used a few of my go to recipes, like my sweet chicken salad for the Tamatoa Crab Sandwiches and my Crock-Pot Hot Dogs {fix it and forget it!} for the Aloha Hot Dogs. Then I added some new recipes like my Hawaiian Pasta Salad and Pineapple Mango Salsa. I like to always serve snack mix of some kind and fruit salad or like we did here, Watermelon Pops! Also another winner every time: lemonade and punch! I find these to be much more affordable {and long lasting} than juice boxes or sodas and they look prettier on the food table too!

Printable Food Tent Cards by AddSomeCharmBoutique

Printable Condiment Labels by CraftsMadeByRachel

Moana Cookies from Keichel Cookies

Pua Pineapple Mango Salsa
How Far I'll Go Jell-O 
Demi God Donuts
Kakamora Watermelon Pops
Boat Snack Mixes
HeiHei Taffy 
Don't you just love this crab bowl?!
 I found it at the farmer's market back home in Pensacola!
Heart of Te Fiti Hawaiian Rollups
Luau Lemonade

The Clothes {and Accessories too}:

Both my girls were decked out in Moana outfits, jewelry, and bows! 
They were so stinkin' cute and I know these handmade items will be worn many more times!
Green Moana Dress: YourAngelsAvenue
Heart of Tefiti Necklace: JustJoysBOWtique
Moana Leotard: OnceUponATutus
Moana Necklace: My LilSunshineBows
Leis: KidsPartyPrintables
Stella also modeled a knit Moana outfit at the party.
This was so adorable and is perfect for dress up!
Custom Crochet Outfit from : LoopsyDaisyDesigns

Floral Hair Pin from HiyaPapayaIsland
Moana bow from: MyLilSunshineBows

Moana pillowcase dress from FancyFlarebyMarilyn.
Headband from SewEarresistible.
Hei Hei Doll from: TheFreckledFoxx
Kakamora Doll from: ThinkOfftheHook
How Far I'll Go Moana Tshirt from DoodleDeeTees
Ava loves wearing her Moana apron and purse at home for dress up and helping me in the kitchen!
Check them out at SewingShelley 
Moana Painted Canvas Shoes from LakesBoutiqueCo

Personalized Moana Bracelet from Castleminis

We love Mouse Ears and my girls and I changed ours out through out the party so we could wear them all! 
 Moana Custom Mouse Ears from ImajineArtEars
Painted Heart of Te Fiti Rock: CraftedForHisGlory 

Hawaiian Nights Tropical Mouse Ears from EnchantedbyGi

Pua the Pig and Tamatoa the Crab Wire Mouse Ears from makingsofadreamer

Couldn't start my day with a cup of coffee to get me going!
Moana Travel Mug from Tamara Porter
Floral Hair Pin from HiyaPapayaIsland
Peg Dolls from HappyCamperKids

The Decor:

Hand painted wood sign from : TheRoyalScripts
"ALOHA" Moana Character Letters from: NikkisCloset85
Painted Wooden Maui Fish Hook from Homemade Learning
Knit Hei Hei Doll from The Freckled Foxx
I purchased the Moana poster at Walmart {and it is cleverly hiding the pool rules sign}. 
I bought Moana and tropical themed table covers at Walmart and Party City along with matching plates and napkins. 
Ocean is Calling Banner from PandLProjectShop
I pick up fun beach party decor whenever I see it on sale.
Party City, Walmart, Michaels all have a great selection.
I mean, come on, we had to have paper umbrellas!
These cups are still one of my faves from the whole party!
Each child picked out one, customized with Moana vinyl decals, and it doubled as a cup for their party drink and a favor!
Moana Cups from: CraftedForHisGlory
Instead of a guest book I like to have friends write a note in a storybook my girls' can always keep!
I used fresh fruit as food, bowls, and decor!
Printable sign from: ThePaperGiraffeShop
All the kids wanted to take these little wooden dolls home!
Moana Peg Dolls from Happy Camper Kids
Tropical floral decor from KidsPartyPrintables
Aloha Banner from LetsGetDecorative
Featuring the music and lyrics for "How Far I'll Go" this sheet music was cute framed on the favor table and can then be given as a prize or kept at home and hung up!
Moana Sheet Music from AmourPrints.
Decorative Moana Paper Lanterns from JumpingOlives 
Cupcake {or snack cup} Picks from Gingeyspartyplace 
Sign Board from MadEllaDesigns0
Stella loves to snuggle with her knit Pua Doll from ThinkOffTheHook

The Favors:

I was so excited for the fantastic handmade goodie bags and gifts for both the kiddos and the adults who attended our party! Check them out and be sure to comment and tell me your fave. 
Everyone was greeted with a Hawaiian Lei necklace and bracelet to wear. 
Find them at: KidsPartyPrintables
The favor table was the cutest!
The favor bags- oh these bags, y'all. They were the cutest. 
I actually kept some to frame for Ava's room because they are that special! 
White favor bags from: CindysThemesAnThings
Moana/Maui bags from: FiestaStyle
Printable Gift Bag Thank You tags from: Gingeyspartyplace
For the Mom gift bags I included one of these too cute Moana themed 
bath bombs along with a Moana bookmark. 
Bath bombs from: PixieDustGrotto
All the kids got to take home their own personalized cup as a favor.
Moana Decal Cups from: CraftedForHisGlory 
Another cute favor idea are these small Moana pins from SweetestNerdyDreams

Games and Crafts:

I was torn on planning games for this party. I never want the kiddos to be bored but luckily with a pool party everyone was having fun in the water and didn't want to do much else. 
 I purchased pool items like floats, beach balls, and a floating ball toss game. 
The kids were entertained and I saved some time on not organizing a bunch of games!
Pool party fun!
We did have to have at least one game and that was the hand painted Pua and HeiHei Pinata.
I filled it with floating water balls, bracelets, and lollipops. 
The kids loved pulling the string {much better than beating it with a stick} and sweet Stella pulled the string that made the prizes fall out for everyone! 
 Hand Painted Moana Pinata from LuisasPartyShop
I did give one craft as a party favor and that was Heart of Te Fiti Necklace Kits. Easy to make and all the supplies were packaged separately so they could take home. 
DIY Te Fiti Kit Party Favor Necklaces from Stick2love
I love photos, as you can clearly see on my blog!
So all the parties we throw have a photo area either with a background, poster, and/or props.
Here are a few of our favorite photos using the fun props from LetsGetDecorative
I filled a bowl with photo props on sticks for guests to use to take silly Moana themed group photos. 
The sturdiness and quality of these props can't be beat. They were beautiful! 
Moana Photo Booth Props and Banners from  LetsGetDecorative
Of course the wooden Maui hook was a popular item to pose with too!
Wooded Maui Fish Hook from Homemade Learning  
Thank you to all the wonderful, talented Etsy shops who worked with me and provided items for our party. Please remember to #shopsmall and check out their handmade items by clicking on the links under the items.

Check out my Moana Gift Guide here! 

I was sent items in exchange for my review. As always, all opinions are my own.
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  1. What wonderful pictures and how adorable are the girls. They are too cute. This movie is one of my favorites. It's okay. It's okay. You're welcome.


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