March 18, 2018

DIY Candy Bouquet and Emergency Chocolate Kit | Chart House at Tower of the Americas

It's our 6 year wedding anniversary!

6 years has flown by and sometimes I seriously think really it's ONLY been 6 years? It's hard to remember my life before Ashton and our kids and honestly I don't miss it. Marriage and parenting are hard but I would not trade it for the world. 
So Ashton and I, being the creative and funny people we are, exchanged both traditional and modern 6th Wedding anniversary gifts this year. Traditional 6 year gifts are Iron {check out ours below} and Modern is candy! I love how they all came out so I want to share the easy DIY steps to make them at home. I made a Candy Emergency Kit and Ashton made me a Candy Bouquet. You can customize these with all your favorites and they are great for not just anniversaries but also birthdays and holidays too. 

Comment below with your favorite homemade gift ideas! 
Scroll down to read about our bucket list dinner 
at The Chart House at the top of the Tower of the Americas.

These two gifts can be made in minutes and require very little or no supplies!
Just stock up on your special someone's favorite candy and chocolate. 
For the candy bouquet Ashton used a large mason jar. You can fill it with small candies or leave empty.
All you need are sturdy wooden skewers and tape. 
Tape the skewers, in different heights, to the back of each candy and arrange in the jar. 
Such a fun sweet treat! 
Now for the Emergency Chocolate Kit start with a clear tackle box.
Add a printed paper that says something like "open in case of emergency only!" and tape to the inside lid facing out. 
Now fill it with candy. 
Give this as a chocoholic's perfect gift!
Happy 6th Wedding anniversary to us! Woohoo!
The traditional gift for 6 years is iron. Ashton found this cast iron Texas shaped pan for me from local grocery chain HEB. I framed an Iron Man picture for him! 
I ordered this print on Etsy for around $2. I then added the text in and framed it.
You are my Iron Man!

Now here's a recap of our anniversary date night! 

Anniversary breakfast and flowers. My husband is the king of breakfast! 
My mom was in town to babysit so we snuck away to a late showing of Black Panther 3D 
during the week. Amazing movie!
Then for our actual anniversary we checked one off the bucket list : dinner on top of the rotating restaurant, Chart House, at the top of the Tower of Americas in downtown San Antonio. 
Dinner with a view!
Such a neat experience to enjoy a delicious meal and see the whole city at the same time!
*This was not a sponsored meal.

The fine dining restaurant, Chart House, is part of the Laundry's restaurant group. 
It is definitely an experience but be prepared to spend at least $100 before tip for a nice dinner for two.
Overall, I would say it was a good meal and average service. 
But you are mainly paying for the experience. 
The best thing we had was the stacked crab and shrimp tower appetizer and the lava cake dessert. 
Check out the food review below.

When I made the reservations I was told I could not request a window seat until I arrived in person. Luckily, when we arrived it was not busy and we were sat in a nice private booth by a window. The room is quite warm, understandable with all the windows, but I cannot imagine dining there in the heat of the summer. The server was nice and presented us with a keepsake menu for our anniversary. She did not describe items in detail or she did not have much of an opinion on certain items so we just chose what sounded good to us. There are quite a few upgrades on the menu including family style sides and sauces and toppings to add on. We both ordered seafood because come one, it's The Chart House. The food was cooked well and presented nicely but nothing was knock your socks off amazing. The server gave us a signed card as an after thought after she forgot to present our decorated anniversary dessert and the lava cake had already fallen when it was delivered to us. The restaurant is upscale and has a nice lobby and entryway but was in need of  quite a few updates especially the smelly carpet and dirty window ledges. 

Downstairs they have a photographer take your photo before going up the elevator and I was hoping the photo would be presented to your table like Roy's restaurants do. However, they wanted you to view it at the end and purchase it.
Overall, we enjoyed ourselves and left full and happy. 
It was good to get away and enjoy this unique dining experience but I doubt we will be back.
Appetizer: Shrimp, Crab, Avocado and Mango Stack.
This was my favorite. Flavorful and a generous portion.
The presentation was definitely photo worthy! 
Salad: Chopped Spinach Salad
This salad was tossed by the server so the presentation was definitely lacking. 
It was described as topped with bacon, egg, radish, and mushrooms. 
Radishes were missing and I wish it had more toppings and less heavy dressing. 
Fruit like pear or apple would have been a delicious addition. 
Entrees: Crab Stuffed Flounder and Chilean Sea Bass.
Both pieces of fish were well cooked and hearty portions.
The rest was typical and unimpressive.
Lackluster steamed veggies and rice or mashed potatoes are nothing new and I wish they would jazz it up with one of their mouthwatering family style side dishes like Creamed Spinach, Sizzling Mushrooms, or Lobster Mac and Cheese. Or season the veggies and make them stand out more. 
Because we were unimpressed with our sides we ordered an additional side: Lobster Mac and Cheese
At $14 a dish I am glad it was massive and would easily feed 4-6 people. It was creamy, extra cheesy, and mac made with Cavatappi pasta is my fave. The lobster was shredded bites and a bummer as we were hoping for chunks of lobster and maybe a pretty presentation topped with the meat from the Maine lobster claw. this did not stop me from gobbling up a big helping though! 
Dessert: Hot Chocolate Lave Cake 
This was a winner, as most lava cakes are. It's hard to go wrong with a gooey chocolaty masterpiece like this one. Their signature dessert is filled with a molten center of Godiva liqueur and sprinkled with Health toffee bits. The only bummer was the cake fell and the lava center had already leaked out when it was presented to us. No worries, we licked the plate clean.
Here's to many more years together, my love. 
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  1. Such a cute and easy gift idea! My kids would especially love this!

  2. Sounds like a lovely anniversary celebration! And I love the candy gift ideas. So fun and simple to create!

  3. Happy Anniversary! What a fun way to celebrate <3

  4. Look fun. Thanks for sharing interesting idea.


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