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Mama Milk Pops


  • Breast milk pumped {or if 1 or older you can use milk}
  • cleaned Ring Pop holders {break off or eat the candy}
  • bottle nipples and lids


  • Place the nipple in the bottle lid so it is standing upright.
  • Pour breast milk into the bottle nipple to almost the top.┬áThe amount needed will depend on nipple size but I will say around 1/2 oz or so. Also try to use a nipple that does not have a large opening so the milk stays in and doesn't leak out. I used Medela brand.
  • Once you have filled all your nipples, place in a freezer safe container where they can fit snugly and stand upright. I used a plastic bin.
  • Place clean ring pop bottoms in each nipple, with the ring part facing up.
  • Put container in the freezer until milk pops are set, about 2-3 hours.
  • Remove from the freezer one at a time, gently twist and remove from the lid and give to your baby.


*Be sure to supervise. Once they start to melt they will get a little messy and may fall off the ring pop.