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Peanut Butter, Jalapeno, Pepper Jack Steak Burger

Makes 2 big ol' juicy burgers


  • 12-16 oz ground Angus sirloin
  • 2 slices Pepper jack cheese
  • 1 jalapeno pepper sliced
  • 4 tablespoons peanut butter chunky or smooth, your choice
  • 2 toasted and buttered buns
  • seasoning of your choice for the burger


  • Split the burger meat in half and form into two large burger patties.
  • Coat on both sides with seasoning blend of your choice.
  • Cook in a hot skillet or grill pan coated with non stick spray.
  • Cook burger patties to desired doneness (Ashton likes his med rare).
  • I cook the burger for a few minutes over med high heat then flip then add peanut butter first as the glue then add sliced jalapenos and after a minute of cooking add cheese to hold everything together. I then add a lid and steam the burger to melt the cheese. Then they are ready to serve.
  • Finally, butter and toast the buns in the grill pan and let them soak up the burger juices.
  • Add hot messy burgers to toasted buns and serve with your favorite side dish.