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Abita King Cake Soda Float

Makes one drink


  • 1 bottle Abita King Cake Soda
  • 2 scoops Birthday Cake or King Cake {if you can find it} Ice Cream
  • purple yellow, and green colored sugar, for rimming glass
  • Light Corn Syrup for rimming glass


  • Using a Qtip or small brush, add clear corn syrup around the rim of your glass.
  • Add colored sugar, one color at a time, to a plate and dip a section of the glass rim in the sugar to coat it. You should have all three colors in different sections around the rim.
  • Depending on the size of your glass, add 2-3 scoops of ice cream.
  • Now pour your King Cake Soda on top, letting it bubble up.
  • Fill to the top, add a straw, and enjoy your festive drink!