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DIY Snowman Donuts

Makes 4 Snowman 


  • 4 white glazed donuts
  • 4 white powdered donut holes
  • black or brown tube icing
  • red tube icing
  • 8 colored M&M's candies


  • Add donut hole to the center of the large glazed donut to make the snowman head.
  • Using the red icing draw a red circle around the donut hole and then two diagonal lines on the side of the circle to make a red scarf.
  • Now pipe on two black dots (and a smile too if you'd like) in the center of the donut hole with the black icing for the eyes.
  • Add 2 more dots of icing in a vertical line in the center of the glazed donut then press on two M&M's candies for buttons.
  • Time to eat and enjoy!