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Halloween Hocus Pocus Charcuterie


  • 3 round white cheeses like Brie mozzarella, and goat
  • 2-3 kinds assorted crackers
  • 3 kinds sliced meats like summer sausage prosciutto, and salami
  • Halloween themed candies like marshmallow ghosts chocolate pumpkins, and gummy worms
  • small snacks to fill cups and cookie cutters like nuts cubed cheese, and fruit
  • For the witches hair and dresses:
  • Sarah- popcorn hair and pomegranate seeds or raspberries for her dress
  • Winnie- cheeseball hair and sliced kiwi and green apple dress
  • Mary- blackberry or blueberry hair and candy corn dress
  • letter shaped cookies to spell HOCUS POCUS, optional
  • striped chocolate cookies topped with Hershey's kisses to make witches hats optional
  • candy eyeballs to add to snacks to make into monsters, optional
  • sliced strawberries to make witch mouths
  • edible marker or sliced olives for witch eyes


  • Start by laying out your bowls/cups, cookie cutters and decor on the tray. You want to build around that.
  • Now add your 3 white round cheeses in the center. These will be the witch faces.
  • Add the ingredients for the hair and dresses for each (see ingredients description).
  • For the witch eyes I used a black edible marker or you could use peppercorns or sliced olives.  For the mouths I used cut out pieces of strawberry.
  • If using Halloween cookie cutters add food to those like nuts and berries.
  • Fill in empty spots with additional fall themed food.
  • Then add candy eyeballs to things like sliced sausage to look like a monster or snake.
  • Lastly, add alphabet cookies and spell out "Hocus Pocus" and arrange in the center.
  • Serve with small spoons and serving knives if needed and enjoy your spooky masterpiece!