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Spider Popcorn and Candy Hands

Makes 12 hands


  • 3 bags of microwave popcorn {I used kettle corn}
  • 12 lollipops
  • 60 pieces of candy corn
  • Halloween sprinkles or candy pieces optional
  • Non latex foodsafe disposable gloves
  • plastic spiders
  • ribbon


  • Pop all the popcorn and place in a large bowl or two to cool down.
  • Drop a piece of candy corn, white part first, into each of the five fingers of each glove. These are the nails.
  • Fill all the gloves with popcorn, making sure to fill the fingers and hand all the way.
  • Tie securely with ribbon.
  • Use tape to attach a plastic spider to the front of each glove.
  • Use tape to attach a lollipop to each thumb.
  • Give to all your friends and enjoy your spooky treat!