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Green Charcuterie Snack Tray


  • A variety of green fruit like grapes pears, apples, kiwi
  • A variety of chopped green vegetables like broccoli steamed edamame, cucumbers, snap peas, and bell peppers
  • A few crunchy green snacks like olives pickles, pepperoncinis, jalapenos, and pistachios
  • 1 green dip like guacamole or edamame hummus
  • Sliced cheese at least a soft and hard like Irish cheddar, goat cheese with hard, flavored cream cheese, and skewered mozzarella balls
  • Assorted green chips and breads like tortilla chips bean chips, and veggie straws


  • Assemble all green snacks on a large tray or board.
  • Use small bowls and cups for dips and small snacks like olives, peppers, and nuts. You can also repurpose food as bowls like a hollowed out green pepper for guac!
  • Fill in empty spaces on your board with items like tortilla chips, nuts, and skewered cheese.
  • Serve and enjoy your green feast!