December 16, 2016

Last Minute Secret Santa Gifts Under $10

It's the season of giving and boy do I love it! Every year I tell myself to not go so crazy with gift giving but then the next year rolls around and I just can't help myself! I love finding the perfect present for everyone on my list and my specialty is making gift baskets. 

I thought I would show y'all a few of the themed gifts I made this year for friends and family. All of them are easy to assemble, affordable, and make great Secret Santa gifts too. So if you are a last minute shopper I hope this inspires you to create some cute gift baskets this week!

Here's a few tips :

  • Buy in bulk! I love buying Christmas themed variety packs at the store and separating them to put in multiple baskets. This is always a money saver! I did this with the cookie cutters below and the boxed hot chocolate.
  • After holiday specials are the way to go. One of my favorite sales is after Christmas! Not just for decorations but also for wrapping and gifts! Non edible Christmas treats, food items like cookie cutters and towels, and wrapping like ribbon and gift tags are perfect for stocking up for the next year!
  • Create a theme. I usually find one item for a person and then create a theme around it. Or I decide on a theme for the specific person and then set out to find items that are inspired by that. Themes make a more unique and creative gift! 
  • Mix it up. I try to not include all $1 store items or $1 bin items {even though I always find fun gifts there}. If I am going to include a $1 gift {like the beach calendar below} then I splurge a bit on a nicer item to go with it {like the beach book}. Now don't get me wrong, I love a good bargain, but I don't limit myself to only $1 items if I have a specific theme in mind. Saving money is important but so is quality. 
Some of my other themed baskets include:
  1. Louisiana State Gift Basket
  2. Guacamole Gift Basket
  3. Gardening Gift Basket
  4. Football Lovers Gift Basket
  5. Orange You Glad Gift Basket
  6. Chip and Dip Thank You Basket
  7. Coffee Lovers Gift Basket
  8. New Year New You Gift Basket
  9. Can you Handle the Heat!? Spicy Gift Basket
I always include homemade treats in my baskets and this year I included my 
Double Chocolate Buckeye Cookies with my gift baskets.

My stickers are from Shutterfly and my gift tags are from World Market. 
For my Aunt with a serious sweet tooth I made a Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket.
I included a small package of truffles, a chocolate scented candle, a box of dark chocolate hot chocolate, and homemade cookies. 
Other ideas: a chocolate themed cookbook, small novelty Chocoholics sign, chocolate flavored items like lip balm and body lotion. 
Ava and I assembled these I Love Baking gifts for her friends and cousins.
I bought single packs of cookie mix {on sale for 40 cents}, a pack of Christmas sprinkles/candy decorations, a oven mitt, and a cookie cutter. Tie them together {I used a hold punch} and you've got an adorable kids gift! 
Other ideas: a spatula, cookie mat, kids apron, tube of icing, edible decorating pens.
For my Aunt and Uncle in Kentucky who long for the beach I made them a Beach Bums Gift Basket. I included a beach sunset wall calendar, a beach themed cup, and a Life is Better at the Beach book of quotes.
Other ideas: a small cooler bag, a sun visor, a beach postcard, a beach ball, daiquiri mix.
For my cousin's outdoor lovin' husband I made him an Outdoorsy Basket
First I found the jerky on clearance and from there I brainstormed the idea. 
 I added a basic grilling spice mix and an outdoorsy themed hand towel.
Other ideas: camo print tumbler, pocket knife, compass, tube of sunscreen.
Hope you like these fun gift ideas. 
Please comment below and share your favorite last minute gift baskets. 
I am always looking for new ideas!
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