March 9, 2018

35+ Kid Approved Rainbow Recipes

St Patrick's Day is right around the corner so I put together this fun list of Kid Approved Rainbow Recipes for y'all to make at home this year with your little ones. Even better, you can make them year round because rainbows make everyone happy, right? They sure do put a smile on my face and are perfect for colorful celebrations like unicorn and Troll themed parties or just to start your day right with a pretty waffle breakfast for the family!

1.  Tie Dye Rainbow Waffles - For the Love of Food
2.   Rainbow Fudge - Wine and Glue
3.   Rainbow Sprinkle Whoopie Pies - Centsable Momma 
4.  Unicorn Poop Truffles - Princess Pinky Girl 
   5.  Rainbow Popcorn - Spaceships and Laser Beams 
   6.  Frosted Cutout Rainbow Cookies - Tastes of Lizzy T 
   7.  Rainbow Meringues - Kenarry 

8.  Rainbow Swirl Sugar Cookies - For the Love of Food Blog 

9.   Rainbow Swirl Buttercream Frosting Cupcakes - The Bewitchin Kitchen
10.     Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies - Princess Pinky Girl 
11.    Rainbow Jello Poke Cake - Flour on My Face
12.    Layered Rainbow Fruit Salad - Mom Endeavors 
13.   Rainbow Bagels - Mom Dot 

  14.  Rainbow Fruit Platter with Marshmallow Cloud Dip - For the Love of Food Blog

15.   Rainbow Popsicles - Cutefetti
16.   Rainbow Cake Batter Puppy Chow - Fresh April Flours 
17.   Easy Rainbow Pretzel Wands - Mom on Time Out 
18.  Rainbow Sugar Cookie Cake - Wine and Glue

19.    Springtime Ambrosia Fruit Fluff - For the Love of Food Blog

20.   Rainbow Cake - Schooling a Monkey 
21.   Rainbow Frozen Yogurt Bark - A Night Owl Blog 
22.   Rainbow Jello Frosted Grapes - Must Have Mom 
23.   Rainbow Waffles - Mommys Fabulous Finds 

 24.  Colorful Jell-O Candy Popcorn - For the Love of Food Blog

25.    Rainbow Swirl Cheesecake - In Katrina's Kitchen 
26.   Rainbow Trix Krispie Treats - Sweet Haute 
27.   Unicorn Rainbow Ice Pops - Flour on My Face 
28.   Easy Rainbow Banilla Bites - A Helicopter Mom 

29.   My Little Pony Rainbow Snack Mix - For the Love of Food Blog

30.   White Chocolate Rainbow Bark - Princess Pinky Girl 
31.  Rainbow Smoothie - The First Year Blog
32.  Rainbow Jell-O - Made by a Princess Parties
33.  Rainbow Fudge - Wine and Glue

34. Magical Unicorn Cupcakes - For the Love of Food Blog

35.  Rainbow S'Mores Dip -  The Decorated Cookie
36. Rainbow Bread - Dessert Now Dinner Later
37. Rainbow Pasta - The Maven
38.  Rainbow Grilled Cheese - Brit and Co.


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