November 26, 2018

"We're Going To Disney World !" Surprise Announcement


I have a secret and I cannot wait to share!
We're going to Disney World this week!

Somehow I kept our big trip under wraps for over a month and surprised my girls last week before we left for Thanksgiving with my parents in Florida. Check out our photos and video below of our fun surprise featuring a huge wrapped box with a special delivery inside! 

Here's our video! Think they were surprised?!

I found these printable Disney tickets online for $6.
They were easily customized and looked perfect tied to the balloons.
From shop Lemonblvd on Etsy.
 Start with a big ol' box. 
We used a wardrobe box from our recent move.
 Now add helium filled balloons on strings.
Disney balloons work best obviously but I added confetti filled
 along with mickey shaped. .
 I tied the balloons and Disney tickets to a large
 stuffed Mickey Mouse doll.
Set it in the bottom of the box. Now seal and if you want to go all out, wrap it in Disney wrapping paper{it took me two rolls} and add a Special Delivery sign. 
 It's surprise time!
Here's how it went down..
 We woke up my girls and told them a huge package was just delivered to them.
They ran outside to check!
 Hmmmm.... what is this?
 They start to rip the wrapping paper off.
 Then they rip open the taped box.
 The balloons float out first.
 Then they pull out Mickey Mouse.
 Finally, they see the tickets and know the BIG surprise!
 Truthfully, they were more excited about the balloons at first!
 Ava and Stella: We're going to Disney!
 I seriously cannot wait to show my girls the happiest place on Earth!
Last time we went as a family was 2014 and so much has changed since then {and I'm not preggers this time}! Stay tuned for lots of pics and posts on my Instagram and Facebook
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  1. Aww, what a precious and exciting surprise event for your little ones! I am sure you will all make some great family memories there!

  2. How exciting! And such a great way to surprise the kids!

  3. What an awesome surprise! That is such a special way to tell your kids about such a great trip. Have fun!


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