May 31, 2011

Visit Home & Trip to Joe Patti's Seafood Market in Pensacola

I took a quick trip home to Northwest Florida earlier this month to see my family:
 Mom, Dad, and Gma!
Day at the spa with Mom and Gma!
Delicious lunch with my best friend, Connie at Dharma Blue.
Enjoying our Melting Pot Fondue Dinner in Destin. 
(I was a finalist and won a free dinner in the Fondue Fanatic Video Contest-watch my video below)

 Sunday it was time to head over to Pensacola to our favorite spot: Joe Patti's Seafood!
Seriously if you are a food lover and are ever in the area you MUST stop here.
This place has been in business since the 1930s and is world famous.
Everytime I visit I bring a cooler so I can load up on fresh Florida seafood!
They have their own fishing fleet. When they say "freshly caught locally", they mean it!
This place is always packed. But don't worry they have
 over 100 employees so you never have to wait long!
Oh yeah my fave- lobster! 

Freezers stocked with everything from Turducken to Alligator Sirloin to Fresh Made Linguini! 
 Cheese? Yes, please!
 Foodie Central...literally anything you need, they have it!
Dad with his shrimp! 
 Gma and Mom love the unique sauces!
 Every sauce, soup, and breading mix known to man!
 Olive oil central. 
 Gourmet meats and cheeses.
 Dad and I usually camp out at the garlic section and sample their
 amazing roasted garlic and fresh baked bread!

 Yes, they have Gelato too!
 Dessert central.
Warning: do not go here hungry! You will buy everything!
(I know this from experience!)

 Joe Patti's own seasonings, hushpuppy mix, and soup.
Of course, they have a sushi bar! A dang good one too!
Yes, my friends this is the sushi menu!
The Volcano Roll was one of the best I've ever had! (sorry Harbor Docks!)

The Volcano Roll is topped with crab and scallops and spicy mayo. A-MAZING!
 Crabs just waitin' to be eatin'! 
 Choose how you want your fish prepared.
 Dad checking out the selection!  
 Local beef.
 The best Tuna around. I took home a filet, crusted it in sesame seeds,
and seared it in a cast iron pan.
Serve with soy sauce and it's a great appetizer!  
Our Joe Patti's purchases included:
  1. Almond Meal
  2. Soft Shell Crabs
  3. Grouper Cheeks
  4. Royal Red Shrimp
  5. Ahi Tuna Filets
  6. Sushi 
Time to make Fried Soft Shell Crabs!
Dip cleaned crabs in egg then seasoned bread crumbs.
Place in a deep skillet with hot Canola oil.
Fry until crispy and golden brown.
Serve alone with a remoulade or on a toasted sandwich!

Happy Cooking!

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  1. I am your newest follower, love this market! You have a wonderful blog! Nettie


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