September 2, 2014

Top 20 Easy After-School Snacks

School is back in session and that means lunch box ideas and after school snack recipes are on everyone's must have list. My little foodie Ava isn't quite school age yet but I love creating tasty, bite size recipes for her. Below is a collection of 20 of my favorite After-School Snacks, all conveniently added to a slideshow on I've highlighted some of Ava's favorite in the pictures. Please comment and tell me your kiddos favorite After-School Snacks. I love new snack time ideas :)  

Finger sandwiches are easy to make and usually make A LOT,
 which is perfect for feeding the kiddos after school! You can also prepare the fillings 
and spreads in advance, so it's a fast and easy snack to assemble.
The perfect muffins for breakfast, brunch, or any time of day!
This is a fun recipe to turn into a craft with the kids! 
Cut the bread into shapes and then "paint" with colored milk. Simple and fun! 
These taste exactly like my favorite Broccoli Cheese Soup in a Bread Bowl!
 My daughter loved them, asking for "more, more!" and you will want more too!
Frozen Yogurt Cupcake Bites with Strawberry Hearts
I wanted to make a sweet treat for my daughter to end this fun Valentine's week but since we have had our fair share of chocolate and candy all week long, I wanted to give it a healthy twist. So these cupcakes are "no bake" and actually they're not cupcakes at all!
These bite size Pizza Poppers are full of flavor and super easy to make! 
These are hands down one of my go to recipes for snacks, lunch, and party appetizers!

Here is the complete Top 20 List on!
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