December 13, 2015

DIY Baby's First Christmas Footprint Plate and Our Favorite Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers

Y'all already know how much I love Christmas and I am happy to say I am passing on that excitement for the holidays to my girls. I love to bake and craft with Ava, watch Christmas movies, and take my family to festivals and parades. This is baby Stella's first Christmas and even though she is just 8 months old I want to include her in the holiday fun too, so I decided to decorate a footprint plate with her so we can have a beautiful treasure from her first Christmas. 
Scroll down for pictures and instructions. 
Since we're talking about my sweet baby girl Stella, I want to share some Mommy insider info with you! After trying many, many brands, I finally found the perfect comfortable diaper for my little wiggling baby during my monthly trip to Sam's Club. 
Huggies Little Snugglers are soft, breathable, comfortable, and leak proof. They have a new GentleAbsorb Liner that has tiny pillows that provide a cushiony layer of protection between your baby's skin and draws runny mess away. The diapers also feature a wetness indicator line on the front which has always been my favorite feature. 
My family always had a Sam's Club membership growing up and I knew that when I got married, and had kids especially, that I would want to get my own family membership. Even better, they offer a nice perk for military families: a free $15 gift card when you sign up! The savings on diapers and wipes alone makes the yearly membership worth it! Online they even offer
 free shipping on diapers and wipes or you can choose club pick up. And I just love their huge value boxes! What a savings {and less trips to the store for me}!
"That's a big ol' box of diapers!"  says Ava.
• Soft, breathable outer cover
• Leak Lock design for up to 12 hours of protection
• Shaped to fit new babies
• Umbilical cord cut-out protects belly buttons as they heal‡
• Pocketed back waistband helps keep runny messes inside
• Comfy outer cover and quilted, flexible inner pad
• Characters make changing time fun for your little one
• Sizes: Newborn, 1, 2 and 3
I hope you head out to Sam’s Club today and grab a box or two of Huggies Little Snugglers diapers for your little one! You won't be disappointed. 
Another thing about Sam's Club that's awesome: free samples!

Ava and I during one of our marathon Sam's Club shopping trips. 

DIY Baby's First Christmas Footprint Plate

I love doing my kids' handprints and footprints on salt dough ornament every year but I decided this year I wanted to try paint. There are so many cute ideas for footprint art. Just search Pinterest and you will see! I practiced on a round ornament but Stella kept scrunching up her toes so I found a flat plate was much easier. This decorated plate is from Dollar Tree and no worries if you mess up- work quickly and you can wipe it right off and try again!

Here are some tips and instructions on making this Baby's First Christmas Footprint Plate. 
Be prepared for a mess. But it'll be worth it!
I undress my kids. Ava wears a plastic art smock and Stella just stays in her Huggies diaper.
Messes are fun, Mom!
Have lots of Huggies wipes on hand.
I always use wipes when we are painting.
They are great for wiping off the girls' hands, legs, feet, etc and for wiping tables, floors, and other surfaces.
I use washable paint for most crafts with the kids but for this one I used acrylic paint so it would be more permanent on the plate. Rinse as soon as you are done with warm soapy water. 
Huggies wipes save the day!
I pour small amounts of paint on paper plates and use kid friendly foam brushes.
Let the kids in on the fun! Stella is a little too small but Ava loves to paint too.
So just for fun I let her paint my feet and I stamped them on paper for her to make art too. 
I have found the easiest way to decorate the footprint art like this Christmas tree is to use paint pens.
I like Sharpie brand oil based paint pens. Mess up? No biggie.
You can wipe it right off before it dries and try again. 
The finished product was pretty adorable and will be a beautiful display every year!
My sweet Stella's feet will never be that small again!
We decided to stamp canvas boards too and made these cute 
Mistletoes prints for the grandparents. 
Every year we make salt dough handprint and footprint ornaments
with cookie cutters and paint. I can't wait to make this years with both my girls. 
Ava was so proud of her baby sister's footprint art!
 Comment below and let me know what kid friendly craft projects you do for Christmas. 

Find out more about Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers here.
Learn about Sam's Club Memberships here

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  1. That is very sweet! My 2nd child LOVES to make a big deal about how he got shafted because we have numerous baby's first Christmas for his older brother and only one for him. I pointed out that his little sister has NONE!

  2. Baby's first Christmas is one of the principal development occasions that your new baby will celebrate. The tips that take after will help you to make it the most ideal.

  3. It's really exciting to celebrate the first Christmas of your baby. Lots of things to make prepare perfectly as these are going to be your lifetime memory. You have made it the best. Diaper idea is too good. I need to arrange a party for my younger brother's little girl. These tips will really be helpful for me.


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