February 2, 2016

My Favorite King Cake Treats in Central Louisiana

I searched high and low all over Central Louisiana, CENLA to us locals, for the most unique King
Cakes and delicious King Cake inspired sweet treats. Some King Cakes are made with more traditional French bread type braided dough and others are more like a sweet Brioche. The filling and flavor possibilities are endless, so I set off on a mission to try the different varieties of King Cakes in my area. While I was at it, I noticed many festive King Cake inspired food and drink options, so I have included them in my list below too.

Read about all of my King Cake finds below, in no particular order, along with a review of each item and mouthwateringly delicious photos! 

#1 Harlow's Bakery in Pineville, LA

Pecan Praline King Cake
This locally owned and operated bakery and donut shop has 10 flavors of King Cakes available to purchase during Mardi Gras season. Originally opened in 1972, owner Deanne Burr and her family have owned Harlow's for 31 years. They have been featured in Taste of South Magazine and awarded numerous accolades including being named by Travelocity as one of the “big finds” in Louisiana. 

Open seven days a week.
1322 Military Hwy, Pineville, LA 71360
Phone: (318) 448-0399
 Harlow's homey environment is warm and inviting
 and full of memories from local patrons.
They have fresh baked King Cakes available seven days a week during Mardi Gras season.
 Also available are Mardi Gras cupcakes, cookies, and celebration cakes like the one above.
 The Pecan Praline King Cake from Harlow's features a cream cheese pecan praline filling and is topped with a caramel icing a local Louisiana pecans along with a drizzle of glaze and colored sugar.
Their dough was different than any other I tried. More moist and thick and less pastry like. This King Cake is definitely a decadent treat and it's no surprise this is one of their most popular flavors {and the owners favorite}!
View my recipe for King Cake Bread Pudding featuring Harlow's 
Pecan Praline King Cake here

#2 Atwood's Bakery in Alexandria, LA

Zulu King Cake and Mini King Cakes
Atwood's is known for their custom made cakes however they also offer a full bakery featuring a large selection of baked goods along with gelato, coffee and smoothie drinks and a deli serving breakfast and lunch.  Atwood's makes ten different flavors of King Cakes in four different sizes, from small to jumbo {feeds 60!}. They ship them overnight all over the country.

Open Tuesday-Saturday
1125 MacArthur Dr, Alexandria, LA 71303
Phone:(318) 445-5134
The Zulu King Cake at Atwood's is the most decadent King Cake I tasted this year.
Filled with German Chocolate filling and topped with fudge and toasted coconut, this King Cake is a must try for chocolate lovers!
10 varieties of sweet filled King Cakes are available at Atwood's.
 They served lunch a breakfast until 2 Tuesday-Saturday. 
Their potato salad and Queen Soup are my favorites.
 Mardi Gras cookies and mini king cakes are also available to purchase at the bakery.

#3 II Boots Catering Company and Dat Food Truck in Deridder, LA

Strawberry Champagne Cream Cheese King Cake
Chef Shauna St Pierre Fuselier owns and runs this catering company, where she offers eleven different King Cake flavors including a Red Velvet version and ..what for it....a Brownie Stuffed King Cake. She makes everything from scratch and is a much needed breath of fresh air, with her unique and delicious creations, to this small city. Her food truck offers monster sized juicy burgers, sandwiches, and tacos and daily specials such as a delectable sounding Ahi Tuna Salad. 

Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and occasional Fridays.
Follow them on Facebook for their schedule and menu for the day.
Phone: (337) 202-7272
 Dat Truck is a popular food truck run by Chef Shauna in Deridder, LA. Their burgers, sandwiches, and tacos are fresh and flavorful and packed full of quality ingredients but be warned they are messy {but good} and require 5+ napkins! When I went, there was a line of hungry customers, but the orders were cranking out of the Dat Truck at a fast rate and I had my Dat Burger in about 10 minutes time. Maybe next time I will wear my stretchy pants and try the mega Beast Burger!
 The Strawberry Champagne King Cake is filled with freshly made strawberry champagne jam and cream cheese. It is a thicker brioche type dough, which I prefer, and is coated with the traditional glaze and sugar. 
You can order your king cake in advance and pick up at the Dat Truck. 
 Flaky and sweet, this stunning cake is a classy twist on a traditional cinnamon King Cake. 

#4 Bailey's Bakery in Leesville, LA

Boudin Stuffed King Cake
Owner Rusty Bailey recently celebrated 18 years of business with his namesake bakery. They serve a variety of homemade donuts, kolaches, and other treats including his secret recipe Apple Fritters that are the size of your head! They offer King Cakes, baked fresh daily, in regular or large sizes with a long list of available fillings. Their traditional King Cakes looked delicious but I decided to try an out of the box savory version: a Boudin Stuffed King Cake. This tasty creation is made with smoked boudin sausage and pepperjack cheese wrapped in fresh bread dough.  It is topped with bacon and jalapenos then baked until golden brown. My favorite part? It comes with a cup of Steen's Louisiana Cane Syrup on the side for dipping or drizzling. 

Open Monday-Saturday 5:30 AM-11 AM
Follow Bailey's Bakery on Facebook to enter their giveaways 
and keep up to date with their new menu items. 
1208 S 5th St, Leesville, LA 71446
Phone: (337) 238-7800

This savory Mardi Gras creation was smoky and spicy and absolutely delicious!
Their high quality Boudin sausage is made without liver, which some people prefer.
I loved the Steen's syrup served on the side for drizzling or dipping {or both!}.
 Bailey's giant Apple Fritters are not to be missed!
Hurry on down to Bailey's to try this savory local favorite for Fat Tuesday!

#5 Quebedeaux's Boudin and Cracklins in Alexandria, LA

Famous Boudin King Cake

Quebedeaux's is one of those hole in the wall gems the locals all rave about. I stopped here after reading about their famous Boudin King Cake in numerous online publications. The shop itself is small and tidy, with just a couple of tables. Mostly a meat market and deli, it seems to me a lot of their customers order to go. They serve Cajun favorites like gumbo, meat pies, tamales, and of course Boudin. Their King Cake, which is available year round, has put them on the map and they certainly make it over the top, as any Mardi Gras delicacy should be. Their Mardi Gras Boudin King Cake is made with fresh risen bread, stuffed with Quebedeaux's house made Boudin, then baked until golden brown and topped with their pork cracklins {yes, you read that right} and then glazed with homemade praline syrup and finally decorated in Mardi Gras sugars. 
It has to be seen, and eaten, to be believed. 

Open 7 days a week 8:30 to 7
3710 S MacArthur Dr Alexandria, Louisiana
Phone: (318) 528-8788
Quebedeaux's menu is full of Cajun specialties.
 This one of a kind King Cake is a must see and luckily it is made year round!
 Spicy house made Boudin sausage, famous pork cracklins, and praline syrup. Need I say more?

#6 Lou-Lou's Cupcakes and More in Deridder, LA

 King Cake Cupcakes and King Cake Cake Balls 

This relatively new bakery is located in the charming downtown section of Deridder.
Owners Mandy and Cindy serve fresh baked goods including cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and cake
 balls along with sandwiches, soups, and salads for lunch. They do offer traditional King Cakes and Boudin Stuffed King Cakes but I was delighted to find King Cake Cupcakes and King Cake Cake Balls available to purchase during Mardi Gras season. The King Cake cupcakes and cake balls were both cinnamon flavored with a hint of lemon and topped with a Mardi Gras colors.

Open Money-Friday 9 to 5
115 W 1st St Deridder, Louisiana 70634
Phone: (337) 202-4084
Lou-Lou's Cupcakes on Facebook
I was delighted at the festive set up the ladies at Lou-Lou's cupcakes had for their King Cake flavored bakery items. You can see from their window displays and decor, along with their beautiful baked goods, that they enjoy what they do and that makes a huge difference when visiting a business. I always say -you can taste the love!
 Cake Balls are bite size balls of cake and frosting.
These King Cake Balls are made of moist cinnamon cake and filled with a sweet cream then glazed and decorated. Bet you can't eat just one!

A perfect sized treat if you just want a bite or two of King Cake
 and not a whole slice.
 The King Cake Cupcakes are the same flavor as the amazing cake balls
with a hint of lemon and again the delicious cream filling inside.
Call today to order a few of each!

#7 Little Cakes with Big Attitude in Alexandria, LA

King Cake Poptarts and King Cakes Bites

Since opening 8 years ago, Little Cakes with Big Attitude has become a well know stop for locals in Alexandria wanting a sweet treat. Luckily this shop serves much more than little cakes.
They also have ice cream, coffee drinks, milkshakes, cookies, cake balls, large cakes and a slew of Paleo friendly items. Both times I stopped by they were sold out of numerous goodies including their ever popular Petite Gateaux Cake Balls {King Cake Balls, y'all!} and the mouthwatering King Cake Bites. I was told, too late for me but good for you, that you can call ahead and they will put your treats aside for you. Make note: do not miss out on the King Cake Bites.
 They are a must try for any King Cake lover!  

Open Monday-Saturday 9-6 or 8 on weekends
4120 Jackson St, Alexandria, LA 71301
Phone: (318) 445-5226

 This shop serves much more than little cakes.
They also have ice cream, coffee drinks, milkshakes, cookies, and cake balls.
 Hands down their big seller during Mardi Gras season are their King Cake Bites.
King Cakes Bites are mini gooey monkey bread cups drizzled in glaze and sugar.
These sell out every day for obvious reasons. Just look at that picture. 
The King Cake Bites were my favorite but come on, I was in Little Cakes with Big Attitude, I had to try a little cake. Their Petite Gateaux Cupcakes are made with vanilla cake with cinnamon and pecans topped with cream cheese frosting and Mardi Gras sugars. 

 Another unique treat you can find in this innovative bakery are homemade Poptarts. They make them once a week, on Tuesdays, and sell out again every week. I am seeing a trend here. Everything is obviously pretty darn delish.
I picked up a Raspberry Poptart on my first visit and got lucky and grabbed a King Cake Poptart to go on my next stop. the King Cake Poptart had a gooey cinnamon roll like filling that had me licking my fingers and wishing I would have grabbed five one more!

#8 Daiquiri Station in Leesville, LA

King Cake Daiquiri

This bar also has a drive thru for picking up daiquiris on the go.
They offer live music, pool tables, and as most bars do, lots of interesting people watching.
During season they have both a Bourbon Street Daiquiri and my drink of choice, a King Cake Daiquiri. Their sizes range from small 12oz to a gallon. Time to get the party started y'all!

1113 N 5th St Leesville, LA 71446
Phone: (337) 238-0200
Daiquiri Station on Facebook
 They offer an extensive daiquiri selection along with jello shots and margaritas to go!
 The King Cake Daiquiri, made with King Cake Vodka, comes topped with shimmery sugar.
When I got home I pour the sugar in and sipped away. Talk about a fun Mom's night in!

#9 Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt in Deridder, LA

King Cake Frozen Yogurt

Self serve fro yo shops have popped up everywhere, even in our neighboring small town of Deridder. This self serve frozen yogurt shop is a locally owned franchise. They change their flavors daily and during Mardi Gras season they now offer -you guessed it- King Cake fro yo.
The have a large toppings bar but to my disappointment so Mardi Gras colored sprinkles or pieces of king cake to mix in, so I settled with traditional rainbow Nerds candy which was just as fun.

Open Monday-Sunday 12 to 8
1045 N Pine St Deridder, Louisiana 70634
Phone: (337) 462-1234
Tutti Frutti on Facebook
Self serve yogurt is a fast and easy treat for the whole family!
No colored Mardi Gras sugars on the topping bar so I had to make due with colorful Nerds candy.
 My husband and I differ on opinion on what flavor the King Cake Fro Yo tastes like.
Certainly not Cinnamon or Brown Sugar as I expected. I taste citrus and he tastes caramel. Most importantly though this refreshing treat tastes pretty darn good!

#10 Cupcakes by Cheryl in Ft Polk, LA

King Cake Cupcakes

These beautifully decorated vanilla cupcakes were inspired by Mardi Gras King Cakes and taste almost as good as the real thing! Cheryl, a Army wife who bakes and sells cupcakes part time from her home, offers reasonably priced, freshly baked cupcakes in a variety of flavors. I found out about her home business just as I do about most things on Ft Polk: word of mouth. 

(817) 689-7397
Cupcakes by Cheryl on Facebook
 These fresh baked vanilla cupcakes were topped with
buttercream and decorated in Mardi Gras colors.
 The little touches make a big difference like swirled homemade frosting
and colored sugars and edible pearl toppers.
 Request the Mardi Gras cupcakes by contacting Cheryl or try her $5 sample boxes.
 They sell out everytime!

#11 Shipley Do-Nuts in Alexandria, LA

King Cake Donuts

This Southern donut chain offers over 60 varieties of donuts in six different states. 
My closest location is in Alexandria.
 I was lucky enough to stop by on a whim to the MacArthur Drive location
and see they offered King Cake Donuts. King Cake for breakfast. Score!

Visit their website for hours and locations. 
 These donuts are an affordable 79 cents each and  are worth three times that!
The hot glazed donut is topped with Mardi Gras sugars and perfect for breakfast or an afternoon treat!

#12 Sweet Thing Bakeshop in Leesville, LA

King Cake Latte

This adorable coffee shop and bakery is a standout in the Leesville Main St. area. Open since 2013, owners Ann and Ne'Andrea offer cakes, breads, macaroons, and cookies along with a rather detailed drink menu. I stopped by for a snack and was overjoyed to find a King Cake Latte on the menu along with gorgeous Mardi Gras cookies decorated with festive colored icing and -wait for it- edible glitter.
Needless to say, I have been back for the latte and the cookies quite a few times since then.

203 E. Lee St , Leesville, LA 71446
Phone: (337) 424-7468

A warm mug of King Cake Latte to start my day.
Cinnamon, caramel, and brown sugar are blended with espresso and topped
with foamed milk and more cinnamon.

Macaroons are available in Mardi Gras colors and include
 Lemon, Vanilla, and Anise flavors.
These iced Mardi Gras cookies were my daughters favorite and how could I resist?
 Outdoor cafe tables and cute window displays make this coffee shop a beautiful addition to Leesville's Main Street.

Five more....

Five King Cake treats available all over Louisiana and beyond.

1. Copeland's of New Orleans

King Cake Cheesecake
 Copeland's is known for their amazing cheesecakes and this King Cake Cheesecake does not disappoint!
The King Cake is topped with cheesecake and cinnamon streusel
then covered in sugar sprinkles and whipped cream. 

2. Abita Brewery

Abita King Cake Soda 

This super sweet soda is newly released from Abita Brewery. Use Abita's product locator on their site to find a store near you that carries King Cake Soda. I found mine in Deridder, LA.
 Check out my recipe for a King Cake Soda Float here

3. Smoothie King

King Cake Smoothie
This tasty smoothie is available in Louisiana and Mississippi and includes almond milk, vanilla frozen yogurt, bananas, cinnamon, almond extract, and vanilla extract. 

4. Community Coffee

King Cake Coffee

Available in most grocery stores and at Community Coffee Shops.

5. Pinnacle Vodka

King Cake Vodka

King Cake Cocktail anyone?
Check out my version, featuring Chila 'Orchata Cinnamon Cream Rum here.
Also available by Taaka Vodka. 
Sweet Stella and her first King Cake. 
Love my baby girl.
Lucky Ava, I shared my King Cake treats with her! 
Not surprising, she loved them all!
Photo credit: Lisa Ann Photography.

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  1. These all sound like great places to check out in Central Louisiana to get King cake treats. I have actually never heard of King Cakes before but they really all looks so delicious and I would indeed check these places out for sure if I ever am in the areas. Thanks for sharing these amazing treats.

  2. I didn't realize King Cakes came in anything other than cakes, except for one King Cake Milkshake I saw in Mississippi the other day. I'd love to try those cake balls!

  3. Sweet overload! I had never heard of king cake before this year and they are just so so yummy. Great roundup!


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  10. Wow! What an amazing list of all these king cakes for Mardi Gras. Since I'm not a local, I am amazed! Are they only available during Mardi Gras?

  11. First, how absolutely adorable and beautiful are your photos! It has been ages since I’ve had a King Cake and now I want to reup and give it a whirl. The icing, the bread, the cake, the yummy goodness. I think I need to make a trip to the grocery!

  12. I have never heard of a king cake but scrolling past your pictures I realized this must be part of the Mardi Gras fun! We don't celebrate Mardi Gras here in Canada but it looks like a lot of fun!

  13. These are awesome! I didnt know there were so many King Cake treats and traditions down in Louisiana

  14. Omg is it bad that I had no clue what king cake even was until this year?!?! I went to a Fat Tuesday party last night and had it for the first time!


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