June 3, 2016

Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches

It's a special day today- National Donut Day! Naturally we need to celebrate with a donut {or two}, right?! We were stuck inside all day with major thunderstorms outside and no power inside, so my idea to bake fresh donuts went out the window. So when the rain finally stopped this evening we ran into town to visit the bakery at the grocery store and low and behold they had 4 donuts left! 
My original idea for Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches was to use traditional glazed donuts, cut in half, and sandwiched with vanilla ice cream spread evenly in the center. Then wrap them and freeze them. Well, as usual that didn't happen. As with most long days, when everyone has cabin fever, my kids were cranky and didn't have the patience to wait {and honestly neither did I}. And apparently every other foodie in our little town wanted to donut to celebrate too b/c there was not one stinkin' glazed donut left in Leesville! So we bought the last four random donuts in the case - a strawberry cake donut, maple glazed, apple fritter, and chocolate filled. I cut each one in half width wise and added vanilla ice cream in the middle then topped with the top half of the donut. Now if you don't have screaming kids or you want to go all out add sprinkles, nuts, chocolate sauce, fruit, you name it.
 I managed to add a drizzle of chocolate sauce to the strawberry donut {I called this masterpiece: Neapolitan} and then everyone, including the dog and my husband, started begging for a bite. 
But trust me they were worth the wait!
Check out the easy step by step instructions below.

Other donut creations from For the Love of Food:


  • Donuts, any type, sliced in half width wise
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • chocolate syrup and toppings of your choice, optional


  1.  Add one large scoop, or two small scoops, of ice cream in the center of each sliced open donut.
  2. Top with donut slice.
  3.  You can also add sprinkles, nuts, fruit, chocolate syrup, anything goes!
  4. Alternately you can wrap tightly and freeze and serve these tasty sandwiches later. 

Start with any flavor donut. Even filled work {thought it is a little messier}.
 Slice in half like a sandwich, width wise. 
 Add one large scoop, or two small scoops, of ice cream in the center.
I like to use vanilla.
 Top with donut slice. 
Dig in or you can wrap and freeze for later! 
 You can also add sprinkles, nuts, fruit, you name it!
I added chocolate syrup to Ava's strawberry donut with vanilla ice cream 
to make a Neapolitan Donut Ice Cream Sandwich.
She's not hangry anymore. She has her donut masterpiece!
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