January 20, 2019

Printable Snow Day Activities Checklist

Now that we live in the Midwest we get our fair share of winter weather, and if we are lucky we get a few snow days too! Coming from Texas and Louisiana my girls don't see snow very often, so it's a truly magical experience for them {and me}! 
All week long I have shared some of our favorite snow day themed recipes and crafts and today I wanted to share this fun Printable Snow Day Activities Checklist . Download it for free below, then print out and cross off the fun activities you and your kids do on your next snow day. I included both indoor and outdoor ideas along with a few links to my favorite crafts and snow themed snacks. Have fun and stay warm! 
Looking for more fun ideas? 

Here are some of our favorite kids activities from our checklist!

Scroll down to the bottom for the free printable. 

Make Maple Snow Candy

All you need is snow and hot maple syrup and you can make 
this tasty winter treat on your next snow day!
Check out the recipe here.

Paint the snow

Use bright water colors or food coloring and paint the snow. 
Ava added plastic cookie cutter to make shapes. 

Build a snowman

This is our little guy, Mr Freeze!

Read a winter story

Ava's school library has themed family reading nights that we attend once a month.
This month was winter stories. We check out a few snow themed boxes to read at home. 

Make Marshmallow Snowflakes

Fun to make and eat! Check them out here

Make Snow Ice Cream 

Collect clean snow from your yard and mix it was a few simple ingredients to make homemade snow ice cream at home. Check out the recipe here

Go Sledding

We went sledding for the first time a week ago. 
Our backyard hill was perfect and we all had a blast!

Make Snow Angels

Ava loves making snow angels even if there is only a little snow.
 Stella on the other hand doesn't move much in the snow. Haha.

Drink Hot Chocolate

My girlies and I love us some hot chocolate! I make different flavors and serve
 them in special mugs to make it fun. 

Create Sock Snowman

This cute craft is made with one tall white sock filled with rice. 
Use rubber bands to close it and then pins to add buttons and fabric for decorations. 

Here are some more ideas:

Make snowflakes on paper with glue and salt then add water colors.
Use paper straws or popsicle sticks and glue on round pasta to make snowflakes. 
Then add paint and jewels and hang up.

Click here to download your free printable!

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  1. Such a cute and fun idea. This is something that my girls would really need to have.

  2. What a great list! I want to learn how to make maple snow candy, but we rarely get enough snow for it.

  3. Such great ideas! We have a snow day in Atlanta without the actual snow! LOL!

  4. These are some fun activities. How I wish we had snows here, it did snow for a little bit and it was not much.


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