October 18, 2012

How to tell your hubby & family you're expecting | Cupcake Pregnancy Announcement

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to surprise my sweet husband with the BIG news. I thought of all the things I could do...show him the pregnancy test, make him a meal of "baby" sized items (think baby corn, baby carrots, baby back ribs...) or just simply call him ASAP! But in the end I settled on a nice dinner out and for dessert: special CUPCAKES with a sweet message. 

So I made a trip to my favorite local bakery: A Cupcakery by the Sea (formally Cupcakes by the Beach) and ordered 2 sets of beautifully decorated pink and blue vanilla cupcakes. Then I made a trip to Michael's Craft Store and picked up some stickers, bows and scrapbook paper and decorated the cupcake boxes.
I chose Bonefish Grill as our dinner date spot because Ashton had never been and their food is so yummy! Oh, and of course I had a coupon (or 2!). I arrived at the restaurant early and talked to the manager and our waiter. I told them I wanted to cupcake box brought out after the meal and given to my husband as a "special Chef prepared dessert". They were all for it! Thanks Bonefish Grill Destin team for going along with my crazy awesome idea!
 Date Night!
Hands down my favorite...Bang Bang Shrimp! Spicy, crunchy, and addicting! I need to make my version of this dish ASAP!
 Not only did we have a birthday coupon for FREE Bang Bang Shrimp but I had also won a $25 Bonefish GC the month before so submitting a story of our first date on their Facebook page! SCORE!
 Dinner is served: Ashton ordered a Fish special and I had the Kobe Burger.
 Dessert time! What will his reaction be?! He said "Are you serious?!" and after the initial shock was as giddy as a school girl smiling all night long!
 We're having a baby!

 Now times to tell my parents.... I told them I brought them home a special dessert from dinner!
 Whoa! Mom was a little shocked! HAHA
 Ashton celebrated that night with a Dad's brand Root Beer! How fitting!
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