November 12, 2014

Military Deployment Care Package Ideas

Yesterday was Veteran's Day and this year we were lucky enough to spend the day with our favorite Veteran, my husband Ashton. Last year at this time he was deployed so this year we are treasuring all these special times and holidays we get to spend together! I thought this would be a good time to share some Deployment Care Package Ideas with all of you! When Ashton was deployed Ava and I liked to decorate themed boxes to mail him once or twice a week. They were filled with snacks, magazines, tolietries, pictures, cards, etc and just helped him to have some things from home with him and to see how much we missed him here! I even hosted a few Care Package Parties for our local FRG spouses to pack up boxes together! It really is a fun project to do with fellow military wives and/or family members! 

Check out my ideas below along with my video for cake in a jar- perfect for care packages! 
Here's an invite for one of the parties I hosted.
I love hosting parties! these easy invites were created online at

Here's some quick tips:

 Boxes: I used a large flat rate Priority Mail box for most of my packages. The boxes are free and plenty large enough to stuff full and decorate. 
The cost to send to any APO address is $15.90. This is a great deal!

Decorating: I used simple cardstock, wrapping paper, stickers, pictures, and scrapbook paper to decorate. 
Nothing too fancy but they sure did look cute! 

Treats: Include items you know they need (like mini tolietries or their favorite snack) and then add extra items to go with the theme of the box (for example Halloween) or the season (apple cider packets for Fall). 
I'm Fallin' For You Box
Doggone It We Miss You Box
Duck Dynasty Box 
(come on we are in Lousiana!)

Halloween Box
Mustache Box (great for Mo-vember!)
Military Pride Box
Good for July 4th and Veteran's Day too!
Thankful For You and Favorite Things Box
For Thanksgiving (I like to add the Sunday Comics in my boxes too!)
Zombies Box 
(we're big fans of Walking Dead!)
 Christmas Box 
12 Gifts of Christmas Theme filled with wrapped presents and a stocking.
We even made his favorite Peanut Brittle
 St Patty's Day/ Birthday Box
I sent him a card with pictures of his (breakable/large) gifts that I kept at home for him.
 Anniversary Box
Including chocolate and sparkling cider with plastic champagne glasses. 
 Valentine's Box and 10 Things I Love About You
 With hand painted Valentine's hearts and a box of chocolates.

Ava loved decorated our packages with stickers!
My friend Bailey created these cute boxes for her love. How creative is she?
My friend Brooke decorated the outside of her box for her husband 
with pink painted handprints of her daughter and pup. 
Red Velvet Cake in a Jar was a special treat for Ashton (and super easy to make). 
Ava liked to help me pack them up ;)
You can see the recipe here.
Watch my cooking video here! 
Our hero is home with us now but there are still many military men and women who are deployed. Visit to donate and see how you can send them cards and care packages for the holidays! 
Find this Afghanistan printable sign on Etsy or Ebay
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