March 30, 2016

Spring Flowers Fingerprint Craft

It's our favorite time of year and Ava and I wanted to make a craft to celebrate.
These fun flower themed fingerprint crafts are colorful and pretty -just like spring time! Your little one will love to display these and carry around their fingerprint flower, like Ava loves to do!

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Now time to share our Fingerprint Spring Flowers Craft.
I love how easy and fun this craft project is. 
You can do it with just about any age.
There are two versions of this project.
First we made foam flowers and added color fingerprints to the petals.
Here's what you need:
Precut Multicolor Foam Flowers
Green pipecleaners
Colored ink pads
hole punch
paint pens (optional)
I found these jumbo washable ink pads at Hobby Lobby.
Press your kiddos fingertips in the different colors and
 add a few fingerprint stamps to each petal.
Then they can stamp the middle or 
use a paint pen to make a design in the center like Ava did.
Now punch a hole in the bottom of the flower and loop a piece of green pipe cleaner through and twist to secure. You can twist to add leaves and now you have cute Fingerprint Flowers.
For the second version of this craft:
We made watercolor fingerprint flowers.
What you need:
White cardstock
Watercolor paints
color inkpads
paint pens
I had Ava paint watercolors prints and let them dry.
We did multicolored strips of color that ended up looking like a sunset.
Not stamp their fingers in the different colored ink pads and press on the paper in a circle to form a flower shape. I add a yellow fingerprint in the center and a green stem with a paint pens then green leaf fingerprint stamps. Add as many flowers as you want then be creative with a spring time message.
I added Welcome Spring and Happy Spring
What a fun and beautiful way to welcome
our favorite season and the gorgeous warm weather and sunshine!
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