May 3, 2017

DIY Flower Pens and Painted Pots | Mother's Day Kids Crafts

These flower pens make great gifts and are a fun craft to make at home with the kids. Presented in a DIY painted pot gives them a sweet personal touch that Moms and Grandmas will love! 
Check out the directions below.
My crafty kiddos loved making their beautiful painted pots and flower pens for Mother's Day gifts!

Ingredients {what you need}: 

  • 10 single multi colored silk flowers 
  • 10 ball point pens {choose a brand with removable bottoms}
  • 1 roll green floral tape
  • Hot glue
  • flower pots or jars
  • small colored stones/beads
  • paint/stickers/glitter, optional 


  1. Remove the cap and the plastic cap from both ends of the pen.  
  2. Save the pen cap, but discard the plastic end piece.  Sometimes you can pry the end cap off or cut it off with a pair of scissors. 
  3. Wrap sticky floral tape from the top of the pen all the way down to the writing point of the pen, then replace the pen’s cap.
  4. Add a large dot of hot glue to the top of the pen, where the plastic end cap used to be.  
  5. Stick the artificial flower, with the long stem removed, into the pen and press to secure. 
  6. Add colored stones to a jar or flower pot and place 4-5 flower pens in the jar, flower side up.
  7. Optional: you can paint and decorate the terra cotta flower pots for another crafty touch before giving as a gift!
Any ball point pens will work as long as they have removable bottoms.
I used scissors to pry the end caps off. Discard them but save the pen caps. 
I selected a hand full of different single flowers. Remove the plastic stems.
You will need a large roll of green floral tape.
Wrap the tape around the pen starting from the pen top all the way to the bottom. The floral tape is sticky and should adhere to the pens. Press to smooth down. You can add a couple drops of glue if you want it more secure. Replace the caps after you are done wrapping all the pens.
Add a large drop of hot glue to the bottom open end of the pen. Press one flower on top and let dry.
Repeat with remaining pens. 
My sweet Ava loves crafting and when I asked if she wanted to paint flower pots she was all for it!
We used acrylic paint and added painters tape and vinyl stickers to make shapes and words.
The girls were so excited to give their Oba {my Mom} her painted pot and flower pens.
As a final touch we added glitter OBA stickers and flower decals. 
These flower pens are a fun DIY craft for kids and adults. They make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, and just because!  
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