May 10, 2017

DIY Mickey Waffle Bar and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Disney Kids Preschool Playdate Party

I have some exciting new for y'all!
We were asked by Disney Parks to host a Disney Kids Preschool Playdate this year!
Needless to say the kids and I were thrilled!
They sent us a suitcase full of party supplies, games, and gifts and the girls and I set to work planning our first Disney Kids Preschool Playdate
We decided on a playdate at our local park with fun outdoor games and picnic style food.
That was easy but choosing a theme wasn't so simple! We went back and forth with ideas because there are SO many Disney shows and movies! Finally, we agreed on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, the girls' favorite show on the Disney Channel. 
I ordered these fun printable invites on Etsy. Find similar here.
One of the most popular foods that we served at the party was the Mickey Shaped Waffles.
If you have been to Disney World you have probably seen these fun waffles on the breakfast buffets.
We ordered a Mickey Waffle Maker off Amazon and made a huge platter Belgian style thick and soft waffles and served them with all the toppings. Check out all the details below.
The super talented Keichel Cookies made these amazing cookies for our party!
Find her on Facebook here and Instagram here

Ava and Stella are Disney lovers like their Mama. 
We all got decked out in Mickey gear and were ready to have a fun filled 
Disney themed playdate with friends!
We glued this colorful Clubhouse picture to a wood sign and hung it up by the park entrance. 

Time for the Mickey Waffle Bar!


  • 40 small Mickey Shaped Waffles
  • 2 cups raspberries
  • 2 cups blueberries
  • 1 cup shredded coconut
  • 1 container whipped cream
  • 1 cup mini chocolate chips
  • 1 bottle chocolate syrup


  1. Make Mickey waffles up to 1 night ahead of your party. We used a regular waffle mix.
  2. Let cool completely then place in zip top bags to keep fresh until serving. 
  3. When it is party time set out bowls of all the toppings along with a platter of waffles.
  4. Let everyone create their own Mickey Waffle Masterpiece and dig in!
I purchased my Mickey Waffle Maker on Amazon here

My hardworking hubby stayed up and made 40+ Mickey waffles the night before out party.
Be sure to let the waffles cool completely then place in zip top bags to keep fresh until serving. 
When it is party time set out bowls of all the toppings along with a platter of waffles.
Let everyone create their own Mickey Waffle Masterpiece and dig in!
I purchased my Mickey Waffle Maker on Amazon here

The Party Food

Along with mini bottled water, I had pitchers of Pink Le-Minnie-Ade and Pluto Punch {recipe here}.
Most of the food was finger food but we had MouseKaTools {forks} available too. 
Sign from Etsy here
I even made chocolate Mickey's on a stick. 
Unfortunately they melted in the heat. Luckily, the kids didn't care and ate all of them!
Find the lollipop molds on Amazon here
We had to sneak in some healthy snacks too so we served a Daisy's Garden Veggies Platter.
Goofy's Grape Hats on skewers were a hit!
Pluto's Popcorn Mix with PopSecret popcorn, colorful chocolate candy, and Mickey shaped pretzels.

Mickey Pizza from our local favorite Fox's Pizza. 
These fantastic cookies from Keichel Cookies were a hit at the party!
Donald's Dips and Chips {in a Mickey shape}.
A favorite from previous parties, Minnie's Bow-Tie Pasta, was served.
I mixed bow tie pasta with olives, pepperoni, Parmesan cheese, and Italian dressing.
Clarabelle's Chocolate Muffins, made with gluten free Simple Mills mix, were delicious!
Finally, my favorite party food was the Hot Diggity Dog Bar. 
We heated hot dogs in a Crock-Pot and served buns, cheese, and toppings on the side. 
I even added Mickey themed labels to the condiments. 

Games and Crafts

This easy craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.
We made Mickey Sorcerers Hats! 
We used a Mickey Frisbee and music from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 
to play Hot Mickey {aka Hot Potato}.
Another fun game: Hidden Mickey Hunt.
We hid paper Mickey's all over the park and had the kids mark off the ones they found on a scorecard. The first two to find all 8 hidden Mickey's won prizes. 
The next game was Potato Sack Races.
We found these awesome Mickey Potato Sacks on sale at Party City.
All the kids, of all ages, loved the Potato Sacks!
My two cuties had a great time hopping around!
Everyone was a winner at our party!
Using a foam board and cardstock we made a photo frame shaped like Mickey.
My husband, always the ham.
Such a cute way to "say cheese".
Our final game was Mickey Cornhole. 
The girls finger painted a large foam board 
and we cut out 3 circles to make a Mickey shape.
I filled balloons with beans and made bean bags for the kids to toss.

Of course, we can't forget the party favors!
Sign from Etsy here.
All the Preschool age kids took home a goodie bag filled with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toys, stickers, and candy.
The big kids got Disney World fortune teller games.
We had gifts for the parents too! 
HP Photos sent packs of Social Media Snapshots for us to give away.
The girls are I made treats too- Mickey Mouse Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispies Treats for everyone!
Thank You tags available here
Thanks to all our friends for coming to our Disney Kids Preschool Playdate Party!
As always we had a blast! 
Disney always makes us smile!
This post is sponsored by Disney Parks. As always all opinions are entirely my own. 
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  1. How did you heat up your waffles the day of the party?

    1. Since it was an outside party I just served them room temp and did not reheat. They were perfect!


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