December 7, 2017

Crock-Pot Loaded Mashed Potatoes

Thanksgiving this year was different than any other. Since Ashton is in school and we just moved to Texas, we decided to stay home for Thanksgiving instead of spending the holiday with my family in Florida. This was a big change for me especially since it was the first time in my life that I did not spend Thanksgiving dinner with my parents. But thank goodness for modern technology and video chat! The girls and I saw them and wished them well, then we all spent a chill day at home watching parades and movies and of course, eating. But just because it wasn't our traditional Thanksgiving didn't mean we did not celebrate and cook a big meal! 
I made all my favorites including Crock-Pot Ham, roasted turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and something new this year, Crock-Pot Loaded Mashed Potatoes
We gobbled down our dinner (ha!) and enjoyed leftovers for over a week! I swear I never get tired of eating Thanksgiving turkey!
These loaded potatoes are a breeze made in the Crock-Pot. It saves oven space and time and you simply just cook them, mix them, and serve when dinner is ready! 
Cuddled up on the couch watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade! 
Craft at the library the day before- paper pumpkin pie! 
Ashton brined the turkey in soy sauce the night before. It was fantastic!
My little helper, Ava made the green bean casserole this year! 
Family walk after dinner!
Even Dylan dog got a Thanksgiving treat- turkey liver and giblets! 
The couple that cooks together, stays together! 
We had quite the spread! 


  • 5 lbs russet potatoes, peeled 
  • 2 cups chicken broth
  • 3 tbsp butter
  • 4oz {1/2 block} cream cheese
  • 8 slices cooked bacon, chopped
  • 2 cups cheddar cheese
  • 1/4 cup plus 2 tbsp green onions, chopped
  • salt and black pepper, to taste


    1. Place the potatoes in a Crock-Pot then cover with broth.
    2. Cover and cook on high for 4 hours.
    3. Mash the potatoes with the broth.
    4.  Stir in  1/2 of the cheese, cream cheese, butter, bacon and 1/4 cup green onions.  
    5. Season with salt and pepper.
    6. Top with the remaining cheese and green onions.  
    7. Serve immediately or keep on warm in the Crock-Pot for up to 2 hours.  
    8. Stir before serving.

    Peel 5 lbs of potatoes and then chop.
    Place the potatoes in a large Crock-Pot.
    Cover with 2 cups chicken broth.
    Cover and cook for 4 hours on high.
    The perfect potatoes!
    Mash up the potatoes with the broth.
    Stir in half the cheese, cream cheese, and butter.
    Then add the baconand 1/4 cup green onions.
    Season with salt and pepper.
    Keep warm until ready to serve. 
    Right before serving, when it is still nice and hot, add the rest of the cheese,  green onions, and even more bacon {can't hurt, right} to the top.
    Ashton's turkey was ah-mazing! 
    It's really easy to brine and it makes such a difference.
    Check out the recipe here.
    Stuffing and Mama's cranberry sauce.
    Extra cheese loaded potatoes are one of my favorite easy side dishes now! 
    Sweet potato casserole with big ol' marshmallows.
    Dinner was a hit and these potatoes were the easiest thing I made- and one of the tastiest too!

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