October 4, 2018

Military PCS Photos: Lost in the Woods Moving Announcement

It's moving time again! 

Military life isn't easy and moving is something I seriously dread. But we have to take the good and the bad and stay positive! Part of being a military family means supporting your service member and understanding that not every duty station is the best. We had hoped for Germany or Georgia or even Colorado. But alas the Army wanted Ashton somewhere else. So after just one year in San Antonio {which I loved} we got orders to Missouri. I wasn't excited to say the least and honestly I shed quite a few tears but in the end I put on my big girl pants and made the best of it. 
We took these tongue in cheek moving announcement photos with the wonderful Jeni Marie Studios to tell our friends and family we got orders to Ft Leonardwood, Missouri aka Ft Lost in the Woods. Check them out along with our fun {and oh so tasty} cookies by my favorite Keichel Cookies.
Military Family: Courage, Strength, Sacrifice.

There were two small businesses that helped me out a ton with this photo shoot. The first was our photographer Jeni Marie Studios. Always the professional she is not only talented but fast and thorough. She has the cutest themes and props and amazing low prices {mini sessions starts at just $20}! She covers San Antonio and the surrounding areas and has fall and Christmas mini sessions coming up!
Let her capture some of life's special moments for you.
Here's a hometown favorite and another small business I want to give a shout out too!
Keichel Cookies offers custom decorated cookies for all occasions and seriously y'all she is the BEST. I have ordered her cookies for so many of my celebrations I have lost count! She can do all designs, her rates are super affordable, and her cookies are also the best tasting and longest lasting of any cookie I have ever had. 
Without further ado here are our Lost in the Woods photos!
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Home is where I am with you.
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  1. Those cookies are adorable! What a great way to announce your move!

  2. You have such a beautiful family! Thank you for the sacrifices you make. I think that having a positive attitude is a great approach to an often difficult situation. These pics are great!

  3. Such cute photos. I admire your family so much for moving so often and dealing with all of the accompanying stress.

  4. Thank You for serving our country. I have family in the military and I know how difficult it can be. These pictures are adorable and the cookies looked amazing! As you get ready to go to another base I will give you the advice my momma always gave when we moved, "A stranger is a friend you haven't met." She was right!

  5. Super fun! I hope you enjoy your new location. The cookies are cute!!! Enjoy your family and I hope the packing and move aren't too stressful.

  6. These pictures turned out great! I'm glad I have the support I get form you. Thank you for being so amazing.


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