April 20, 2014

Despicable Me Minion Easter Eggs How To

This Easter was a very special time for our family because it's the first Easter Ava has gotten to spend with her Daddy. He was away last year for work but luckily this year he came back from his deployment a few days ago {a couple months early}! Thank you Lord! So for the past few days we have enjoyed every moment together including Ava's first trip to Chuckie Cheese to Easter Egg Hunts to movie nights and family meals out. For Easter we made Cake Pops and Chocolate Peeps and I surprised Ava by making Minion Easter Eggs for our family backyard Easter Egg Hunt today! She loves all things 'minions' and was beyond excited to see this basket of festive eggs filled with treats just for her! Check out my easy instructions below on how to make Minion Easter Eggs. They are perfect not only for Easter but also as treats for birthday or holiday goodie bags! 
Have you seen Ava's Despicable Me Birthday Party ?

 Easter brunch today at the Warrior Community Center on post.
Visiting the Easter Bunny and thanking him for her Easter basket goodies!
 Easter presents for Ava (and a few for Mommy and Daddy too)!
 Checking out her gifts. Lots of Princess Sophia and Despicable Me goodies!
Cake Pops, Peeps, Happy cards, and Minion Eggs!
Easter Egg Hunt at the Lions Club on Saturday!
My little Honey Bunny and her best friend Charlotte.
Checking out her eggs filled with candy! What fun :)


Minion Easter Eggs How To!

I made both the evil minions from the sequel and the fun loveable minions!

What you need:

  • Black Sharpie
  •  Googly eyes
  • Hot glue gun
  • Yellow, blue, and purple plastic eggs
  • Purple yarn
  • White or silver paint pen


  1. For the traditional minions you need yellow and blue eggs. Mix them by attaching the large yellow top (body) to the smaller blue bottom (pants).
  2. Using a hot glue gun or adhesive attach one or two (mix it up) small goggly eyes to the top center of the purple and yellow-blue minion eggs. 
  3. Next use a black sharpie to draw hair and a mouth and any other features to the front of the minions.
  4. I then drew the outline of sharp teeth and a mouth on the evil purple minions. I filled it in with a silver paint pen. 
  5. You can also use hot glue to attach short pieces of purple yarn to the top of the evil purple minions for hair.
  6. Fill with candy, money, stickers, and toys and give to your little minion! 
Happy Easter!
My little helper!
Ava loves plastic eggs! Dylan the dog does too!
Prepare the eggs. 
Purple stay the same for the Evil Minions and mix the yellow and blue (top larger yellow for the body, bottom blue for the pants).
Now add the features using a black sharpie, silver paint pen, and hot glue gun to attach yarn hair and googly eyes. Fill with treats and you're done!
Nothing cuter than a Minion Easter!
Happy Easter 2014!
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