March 16, 2017

Delicious Reuben Favorites for St Patrick's Day!

I love Reuben sandwiches and I am always trying to create fun twists on my favorite sandwich.
Check out this collection of my favorite Reuben inspired meals and appetizers for St Patrick's Day!

This take on the classic Irish pub sandwich turned into a 
layered Reuben Casserole, is our new favorite meal!
  This dip is rich and delicious and the perfect warm comfort food! 
Serve warm with toasted rye bread for dipping.
I made these Reuben Bombs in honor of St Patrick's Day. They are made with flaky biscuit dough and filled with all your favorite Reuben toppings. Serve as an appetizer or a meal for 3-4. 
These Skinny Reuben Wraps are a healthy twist on my favorite sandwich. Spinach tortillas are festive and good for you along with homemade low fat 1000 Island dressing.
5. Reuben Sandwich Bites
These bite size Reuben sandwiches are perfect for a St Patty's Day parties or potluck!

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  1. How good does the Reuben biscuit bomb look! I will need to make it!

  2. These are some great St. Patrick's Day recipes! The sandwich bites are just the right size for a party tray and the casserole is perfect for a large family meal. My husband would love them!

  3. All my favourite things in one place. That dip looks crazy good.

  4. Mmmm these look so good!! We didn't have a chance to properly celebrate St. Patrick's Day and I am so bummed. We're from Boston originally and live in Phoenix now, so it's hard to find ways to celebrate here in the desert that seem authentic to what I was used to growing up. I should have made one of these recipes for dinner! Maybe next year :)

  5. Give me all the Reubens! Great collection of ideas!


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