April 1, 2017

Mayo Taste Test for April Fool's Day!

Do you have a favorite mayo? 

My girls' love the stuff so I let them each gobble up a jar full today so we could pick a favorite.
Scroll down to see which mayo we chose!

April Fool's! 

No way are we eating mayo by the spoonful {even though I do love the stuff} but today we emptied our mayo jars and added vanilla pudding as a fun April Fool's Day joke!
Check out the details  and adorable pictures of my little jokesters below.

Start by making a packet of vanilla instant pudding.
 Chill for at least 5 minutes.
 Choose two mayo jars and empty and wash them.
I used Duke's and Hellman's 32 oz size.
{Don't waste- I put my leftover mayo in Tupperware}.
 It goes without saying but be sure to rinse and dry the jars first.
Mayo and pudding together is not a good combo.
 Add pudding to fill about 1/3 of each jar.
I use a spatula to spread it around the inside of the jar so it appears full.

Now time for the "mayo" taste test!

 My girls' didn't care. Stella dug right in!
 A big ol' spoonful for Ava!
 They definitely enjoyed their pudding and thought it was hilarious!
 This kid....messy but so darn cute.
Happy April Fool's Day!
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