May 1, 2019

60+ Kid Friendly DIY Mother's Day Gifts

Happy May! Spring is finally here and I am loving this warmer weather and gorgeous blooming flowers and trees! It was a long winter here in Missouri and spring really is a breath of fresh air. 
Besides being outside and enjoying the weather with my family my girls and
 I also love springtime crafts. 
We make bird feeders, painted flowers, homemade playdough and chalk, and suncatchers. We love to give our homemade creations and crafts as gifts to our family, friends, and teachers so I created this collection of 60+ Kid Friendly DIY Gifts just in time for Mother's Day! 
Check them out below and then comment and tell me your favorites!

 1. Guacamole Gift Basket - For the Love of Food

2. DIY Sharpie Mug Bird Feeder - Glitter On a Dime

4. Edible Flower Donuts - Studio DIY

5. DIY French Striped Half Apron - Boxwood Avenue

6. DIY Fresh Flower Sign - Shrimp Salad Circus

7. Garden & Essential Oils Gift Basket - For the Love of Food

9. DIY Lavender Vanilla Lip Scrub - Making Manzanita

10. DIY Faux Hobnail Vase - Intelligent Domestications

11. Flower Pot Muffins with Candy Roses - For the Love of Food

12. DIY Mother's Day Scented Candle - Saving You Dinero

13. Fingerprint Tea Towel DIY - Average Inspired

14. Free Printable Mother’s Day Coloring Page & Card - Where the Smiles Have Been

15. DIY Hand Repair Cream - Heartbeet Kitchen

16. DIY Flower Pens and Painted Pots - For the Love of Food

17. Kid-Made Mother's Day Treasure Box - Hello Wonderful

19. DIY Tissue Paper Flowers - Momma Lew

20. Sharpie Dyed Coasters - My Frugal Adventures

21. DIY Flower Suncatcher - For the Love of Food

22. DIY Photo Display - Where the Smiles Have Been

23. DIY Yarn Bouquet - Down Redbud Drive

24. Mother's Day Balloon Surprise - Best Friends for Frosting

25. DIY Manicure in a Mason Jar - Weekend Craft

26. DIY Paper Mache Bowls - Molly Moo Crafts

27. DIY Washi Tape Mother's Day Frame - Confessions of a Disney-aholic Mom

29. Love You A Latte Gift - For the Love of Food

30. Kid-Painted DIY Fabric Tray - Swoodson Says

31. Mother's Day Unicorn Flower Art - Hello Wonderful

32. Easy Ribbon Bookmarks - Intelligent Domestications

33. Pecan Pralines - For the Love of Food

34. Turn a Note/Drawing into Framed Art - Where the Smiles Have Been

37. DIY Hand Salve - Hearth and Vine

38. Red Velvet Cake in a Jar - For the Love of Food

39. Duck Tape Spring Mason Jar Vase DIY Craft - Confessions of a Disney-aholic Mom

40. Tea Bouquet Gift - Down Redbud Drive

42. Quick Bread in a Bottle - Sunset

43. Passion Tea Sugar Scrub - A Pumpkin and a Princess

44. DIY Wooden Centerpiece Boxes - Tell Love and Party

45. Egg Carton Flower Pins - Pink Stripey Socks

46. DIY Clay Pendant Necklaces - Hello Wonderful

47. Silver Fingerprint Bracelet - A Girl and a Glue Gun

48. DIY Trinket Dishes - Studio DIY

 49. DIY Two-Tone Fabric Totes - Make it Love it

50. Candy Bouquet - For the Love of Food

51. DIY Footprint Stool - Old Salt Farm

52. DIY Gold Striped Vases - Two Twenty One

53. DIY Mother's Day Mug - Gimme Some Oven

54. Candy Rose Bouquet - For the Love of Food

55. Painted Mason Jar Succulent Planters - The Golden Sycamore

56. Homemade Lemon Soap - A Pumpkin and a Princess

57. Simple DIY Turquoise Necklaces - The Crafted Sparrow

58.  Flower Cupcake Bouquet - For the Love of Food

59. Thumbprint Heart Glass Magnets - Rhythms of Play

60. Fingerprint Butterfly Mug Painting - The Best Ideas for Kids

61. DIY Bath Salt Soaks - Make it Love it

62. Stamped Tea Towels (Made Using Food!) - Down Home Inspiration

63. DIY Sand Art Candles - Club Crafted

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  1. These are great suggestions. It's great for kids to participate in their Mother's Day gifts!

  2. All great homemade gift options! I miss those days with the littles. With my teens I'm likely to get something along the lines of a Jonas Brothers cake! ha!

  3. I totally want that guacamole basket!! Haha!

  4. I reached here a bit late, but amazed to see such a beautiful guide for mother's day gift. I hope I can use this guide to make beautiful handmade gifts for upcoming father's day.


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